The Purslip Purse Organizer is A Life Saver - And It's Pretty to Boot!

I am not all that girly except in the area of loving shoes and purses.

But I'm not a maniac like most of the girls I know who devote entire closets and rooms to their wares. No, I'm pretty practical when it comes to my purses, but will admit that I have a couple of black ones, a couple of blue ones... I'm not a saint!

However, what drives me crazy is that I end up using the same purse for months on end because changing it with all of its contents is such a drag. And now that I'm carrying bigger bags, the more I'm carrying. It's too time-consuming to switch up them up if I have to gather everything up and then try and figure out how to get it all - and organize it - in another purse.

That is, until I found the ever so practical - and beautiful (the outside is made of satin polyester) - Purslip!

It takes just a second to lift the contents out of one bag and put them in another. Which means you can actually use the bags you have instead of having them sit in your closet unused and unappreciated.

There are a ton of sizes to choose from, 2 colours - Ebony and Champage and 2 shapes with beautiful names - Aurora (rectangular) and Josephine (oval), so you can be sure that they will fit the bags you have or are soon to get (it is almost the end of the season, which means sale time...).

What I love about the Purslip is that it keeps you organized within your bag! As I'm sure you've found with bags is that they never have enough pockets or they're not nearly big enough to store what you need to carry with you. Each Purslip organizer interior has 1 large zippered pocket, 4 credit card pockets, 1 pen pocket and 2 miscellaneous pockets for anything else you want to store and stash away.

Creator Janine Meyers has really made a fantastic product that can take you from office during the day to dinner and drinks in the evening with no effort involved. There is even a lovely cord handle that allows you to grab it quickly and transfer it to your next bag.


Today I pulled out a bag I've only used once and I've had it for years. Thanks to my Purslip, my summer is going to be filled with pretty bags - one's I already have, ones I'd completely forgotten about yet I love to pieces.

I was going to say now I don't need to get anymore bags now that I've discovered my own wonderful collection, but let's not get crazy...

Order a whole whack of these for yourself and your friends. They will change your life AND your wardrobe!

Stephanie Dickison

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