Look Beautiful AND Natural With BECCA Cosmetics!

It is a difficult thing to find a foundation that will cover up your dark circles and blemishes, while not feeling or looking too heavy.

That's what BECCA Cosmetics founder Rebbeca Morris Williams found as both a woman and a makeup artist, so she set about creating her own.

More than 6 years later, she found the perfect formula and created a range of products that will make you both look beautiful AND natural!

There is much that sets BECCA apart from the rest. For example, while most cosmetic companies offer 3 to 7 concealer colours, the BECCA range "features no less than 34 concealer colours and 30 foundation colours." This means that you'll get the perfect match which in turn, makes you look more natural.


Just check out the incredible Shimmering Skin Perfector!

This water-based moisturizer is filled with light-diffusing particles of shimmer that actually made my skin look good enough to not wear foundation! And with a SPF of 20+, your skin is cared for and protected against 96% of both UVA and UVB rays.

Contains soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients such as anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, D, and E, this miracle lotion illuminates your face, even if you choose to put foundation on top! My face is all aglow no matter how much (or little) sleep I got or how many old fashioneds I consumed the night before.

Your skin will look luminous, even and lit from within, all without having to take extra vitamins, go to bed early or drink 4 gallons of water a day.

I am absolutely radiant and it's all thanks to BECCA!

My other favourite find is the Line + Illuminate Pencil. I love this concept of this 2-in-1 product, as I am so sick of my everyday look of black liner! I've been craving something new and exciting, but hadn't found anything that suited me - up until now!

I love that the pencil on BOTH ends is soft enough to use without pulling or tugging at your skin. The pencil creates a wonderful look of dark liner with complementary illuminating shadow, which means my eyes go from ugh to wow in just a few seconds. Suddenly, they are brighter and better than ever before. Where has this pencil been all of my life?!

And since I'm such a spaz at doing my own makeup, I am happy to say that the pencil does it all professionally, I just line my lids and fill in with the illuminator and I'm telling you, I look red carpet ready! Me!

Not only do I look good, but my look is smudge-resistant and long-lasting, which means I can spend less time fussing with my makeup and more time enjoying myself.

And just think, these are only 2 of the many products available at BECCA Cosmetics!

I'm definitely going to need a bigger makeup bag...

Stephanie Dickison

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