Lindi Skin - Skincare Products Developed With the Unique Needs of Cancer Patients in Mind

What a truly amazing idea.

I know a number of people who have had cancer, so when I saw this incredible product line, I had to find out more, find out if it was good, and is so, spread the word!

The line was created from watching loved ones go through cancer treatments and seeing how it ravaged their skin, and learning that there was no skincare line for people who had gone through radiation and chemotherapy.

After having consulted dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients and skincare formulators, the skincare line was created with people with cancer in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't use it too! The products are dermatologist and allergy tested and are absolutely non-irratating to your skin.

Their online store provides skincare products that soothe, heal and protect your skin. Doesn't that sound like exactly what you've been looking for?!

Check out the lovely, freshly scented Face Wash that I'm using to keep my skin moisturized. What a wonderful feeling to have your face feel nourished and hydrated AFTER washing. It's a feeling you'll get addicted to as I have, I'm sure!

And if your skin is a little gray, dull or red, Lindi's Face Tint will even you out. Containing Propietary LSA complex, it has a lovely cooling feel and instantly saturates your skin with moisture and a lovely, almost shimmery glow. No need for any foundation with this bad boy - just apply and go - it's one of my new favourite finds!

I am also swooning over the amazing Soothing Balm. I have many friends that have painful skin conditions, so I'll be sharing this with them for sure. For me, my skin is always in need of serious moisture, so I have quickly fallen in love with this product. Avocado oil sinks into my skin leaving me feeling cool and soothed, hydrated and moisturized.

Ahh, that's muuuuch better!

Lindi Skin is all about caring for the skin you're in. And it feels oh-so-good now that you've got Lindi.

What a truly awesome idea.

Stephanie Dickison

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