HTnaturals Offers Fantastic Stylish & Comfy Eco & Organic Clothing!

Every day I get a little more particular about what I want.

In terms of clothing, I want to:

- look good
- be stylish
- be comfortable
- be responsible to the earth
- be able to afford it

I found it all at HTnaturals!

The company specializes in soft materials that are socially responsible and sustainable and offers clothing for both men and women.

I love the selection - great basics that can be mixed and match for both day and evening wear.

I got the Reverse Halter with Print in Sand/Black which is both classic and sexy all at once. I love that I can wear it to a meeting and feel dressed up enough for drinks on a rooftop patio downtown late in the evening. It is super comfortable - even the tie behind your neck sits softly without any painful pulling or tugging.

It is double layered, yet not heavy in the least. And it's mostly bamboo, which you know I can't say enough good things about and I cannot get enough of. It is one of my all-time favourite fabrics. A little bit of organic cotton and spandex give it a nice stretch and bounce and gives all day/all night comfort - I know because I've worn it for that long!

And of course, the fact that it's reversible means that it's like 2 tops in 1 - savings galore! I love the flower - very feminine - and of course the plain black is a quick and easy choice - it goes with everything.

To make the outfit complete, I went with the Reversible Knit Capri pants. They are so comfortable, I'm wearing them everywhere -grocery shopping, to the movies and on nights out on the town with friends or my fella. I love the weight of the knit, the wide leg, the relaxed fit and the extra wide foldover waistband. They are in fact, the perfect all around pant!

The Capris are the same blend as the top and are also reversible, so you can change them with your moods and depending upon your outfit and/or destination.

Of course, HTnaturals has so much more to offer. I will be getting more from them because when it's this stylish AND comfortable AND reversible, you just can't go wrong!!

Shop for your wardrobe pieces now and change the way you dress - for the better.

Better for you, better for the planet!

Stephanie Dickison

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