Get THE Coolest Clothes From Hip Line By Eve Kinizo!

My closet is full of stuff that I am so bored with I want to weep.

I recycle the same 5 tops and bottoms it seems every week. And though it's not all I own, it is all I wear. Either I don't love it (it's okay, but b-o-r-i-n-g) or it is event specific (black satin dress with fuchsia accent - cocktail party, beige backless top - fancy dinner with my fella, etc.).

So when I came across Hip Line by Eve Kinizo, I knew I had found the clothes of my dreams.

Fun, functional and funky, Eve Kinizo creates fashions that are accessible, yet they stand out from the crowd.

And she offers a bunch of options - new arrivals, jackets, tops, skirts, dresses, sale and clearance items - so you're sure to find a whole lot of new clothes to further fill and let's face it, update your wardrobe!

What I love most about her clothes is that they are modern and fresh. These clothes are original and the detailing on them is sublime. The line is also leather and animal free and 100% vegan, which is an awfully nice bonus for such cool clothes, don't you think?

I got the Urban Romance Dress (pictured above) which I'm rockin' as both a dress and a top with slim jeans (how many dresses do you have that multitask like this?!). I love the asymmetrical neckline of the off the shoulder - tres sexy AND sophisticated. The fitted waist makes me look slimmer than I am (and a whole lot more feminine, I might add) and the puffy sleeve with sleek cuff is couture and city slick all at once. I am lovin' this dress!!

It comes in must-have black and a very pretty silvery flower print.

I also am coveting the Touch Me Baby Top. You can get it in either Organic Bamboo or White Embroidery and it is easily paired with capris, pencil skirts, cigarette pants or jeans so you can wear it all season long. In fact, you're going to want to wear it next season too, it's that versatile.

One thing you should know is not only are Hip Line by Eve Kinizo designs fantastically fashionable, but they are incredible well made and comfortable. My one criticism about high fashion clothing is that it is often restrictive or you feel like you have to tug something up, down or around. With Eve's clothes, they look and feel good all day and all night.

I just found myself a designer for life.

And I don't mind sharing her one bit!

Shop now for clothes you won't be able to stop wearing or talking about.

Stephanie Dickison

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