Birthdays Abound This Summer So Get the Perfect Present (and Wrap) at My Mums Factory

This summer is jam-packed with friends and family celebrating birthdays. So how do you choose a fun and yet affordable present for all these folks?

With a little help from me and My Mums Factory. Check it out!

This UK-based company creates and offers quality gift items that are fun and original.

Take these Aroma Releasing Drink Mats , for example. These heat-activated scented coasters are infused with 100% aromatics - just place under your mug of hot chocolate, tea, coffee or even cuppa soup and enjoy the warm scents. A great gift for those celebrating a birthday or a great hostess or housewarming present. So innovative, I think. They come in a surprisingly huge variety of scents. I tried lavender, pina colada cocktail and hot apple pie & custard. Delicious!

For wrapping up your gifts, My Mums Factory has got you covered! I looove the Giant Word Search Wrap that has over 470 Christmas words and phrases (who says you have to wait until Christmas to use it?). I used it on my Dad's presents yesterday (Happy Birthday, Papa!) and he liked it so much, he kept it - that's a first! And their Glow in the Dark Wrap is great fun for people of all ages. Just imagine how your present will stand out from the rest simply by the paper alone - 15 minutes of light will glow for 24 hours!

Not only is their wrap great fun, but it comes in one supersized sheet - 84 cm x 59 cm - so you can finally wrap that golf club, giant vase or something that is kind of an odd shape with ease. Also, it is extremely thick and tough, which is a nice change from those flimsy card shop versions that cost an arm and a leg and tear as soon as you go to tape a corner!

My Mums Factory is great fun. Give it a try and see for yourself - you'll actually enjoy the gift buying experience for once!

Stephanie Dickison

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