Discover the Joy of Soji Solar Lanterns - Beautiful Light Both Day and Night!

I think laterns are a lovely addition to your home and garden. There is something sweet and romantic about them and they allow you to enjoy the outdoors a little longer.

But never have I seen cooler lanterns than Allsop's Soji Solar Lanterns!

These babies not only look good, but they collect light all day and glow by night WITHOUT THE HASSLE OF ELECTRICAL CORDS!

So you can add a touch of style to your back deck, balcony, garden or simply just outside your apartment window and all the while, capture the daylight thanks to built-in solar panels and create instant ambiance! You'll wonder where these have been all of your life!

Each lantern is equipped with one AAA rechargeable battery, solar panel, duel LED lights and stainless steel hardware and they just pop open once they're assembled. No elbow grease required!

They come in a variety of shapes and colours - these round nylon lanterns offer a simple classic look while these oblong ones are modern and cheery in fun candy colours.

And you've got to get yourself some from the Silk Effects collection too - hot air balloon and square shapes constructed of silk will magically float and shimmer against the dark sky. These are simply exquisite.

These lanterns are environmentally savvy as well as beautiful, as you can enjoy them both day and night.

And they are affordable, which means that you can get a number of different shapes, colours and designs.

Soji Solar Lanterns are not only a great addition to your home, but make an extremely chic gift.

I'm stocking up -how 'bout you?

Stephanie Dickison

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