Bandals Footwear Allows You to Change Your Shoes to Suit Your Mood, Occasion! and Outfit

I love a company that does exactly what you would do if you were designing a product!

Bandals Footwear has created shoes and sandals that you can change to coordinate with your outfit! With just a quick switch, you can have a whole new look, without having to clutter your closet with yet another pair of shoes - it saves you both money and space (I don't know about you, but I can't fit another pair in my closet!)

I got the Beach Bandals, which are super light, comfy and cushioned. They are made of layered foam with a rubber sole, which means that you can wear them both on and off the beach. The "comfort arch" is amazingly cushy and supportive and the contoured footbed and cradled heel cup make for a super comfortable wear and which are rare features for a flip flop, don't you think?!

You can choose from different colours for both the base and the straps. I got a basic black base and straps with an pair of interchangeable straps in Tracey, a beautiful soft, sexy gold that is perfect for showing off tanned tootsies!

Changing the straps is easy and I absolutely love that you can personalize these shoes to your own style and mood!


I'm going to be wearing my Bandals all summer long - after all, now I've got 2 pairs in one!

Stephanie Dickison

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