UliMana Primitive Chocolate Makes Delicious Chocolate Treats That Are 100% Organic & Raw!

While the rest of the world mows down on cheap and sugar/fat-filled chocolate rabbits and eggs from the drugstore today, I'm happily nibbling on rich and healthy UliMana Primitive Chocolate Treats.

Hand mixed in small batches and using only pure, raw ingredients like agave, hemp and Celtic sea salt, UliMana creates sinfully good - and yet healthy - chocolate truffles, hemp brownies, rich spreads, chocolate date rolls and more.

Made from premium raw organic cacao from Peru and organic vanilla beans from India, these treats are highly addictive! I really enjoyed the truffles and was surprised to discover how much I loved the Peppermint, a flavour I usually do not like. My friend Darren ate up the Hemp ones, while my sexy fiance went ape for the Mayan, which are spicy with a kick of cinnamon.

My Mom went crazy for the Lemon Fig Pecan Bars and the Chia Moon Drops were one of the first things to go when the neighbours stopped by for a drink and the Hemp Berry Brownies with Mulberries were second. The Hand Dipped Chocolate Date Rolls didn't stand a chance, either.

UliMana has created incredibly healthy treats that give you the satisfaction of chocolately goodness without the harmful ingredients or the sickly sweetness (and tummyache!) that comes with cheap chocolate.

Order the good stuff from Ulimana and keep the drugstore for where you get your pain relievers.

Stephanie Dickison

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