This One's For The Fellas - Wrenchware, Grooming Lounge, ALL-ETT Billfolds & MAN|CARDS!

Although I like to think that this blog is for everyone, often products such as makeup, clothes, purses and shoes that I review are female-centric.

So today, this post is for the guys that read my stuff.

Thank you, you handsome hunks. And please know that I do always have you in mind when I'm covering items for review. In fact, these next couple of months, I've got some great undies and tees made just for you, as well as some grooming products and gifts that are just up your alley.


Tires and wrenches - well, it doesn't get much more manly than that, does it?

But Wrenchware has put an interesting twist on these garage items, making them into extraordinary everyday items that you can enjoy at home!

Take the Tire Bowl, for instance. This bad boy brings the metal and rubber from the cement floor of the shop right to your very own dining room. I think it's really fun and different. And I love that it comes with a lid that snaps on- no need to worry about nibbling on ju jubes all night long that way!

And the Blackwall Tire Cup is great - and surprisingly light. I know a certain car restorer that is going to get a kick out of this!

Fun and completely affordable, Wrenchware has created products that are well made and bring a lot of lighthearted fun to your kitchen and home.

You don't have to be a guy to appreciate them. as my bowl and cup are a testament to, but I have a feeling you're going to love them in a way I can't possibly describe.

Grooming Lounge

Sometimes a product comes along that knocks your socks off.

It's completely unexpected and perhaps even a little bit of a shock, and this is why it stays with you for so long - you just can't believe it.

That's what happened when I "borrowed" my fella's shaving cream. I figured it was going to be just a quick fix for my stubbly legs, but instead it became my go-to cream every two or three days (I like to be smooth for my guy...).

It's called Beard Destroyer Shave Cream (click here for special offer), so I should have guessed that it would kick ass, but I didn't realize how much. And the fact that after months of having a beard and getting ready for a big meeting, my guy shaved it off in one fell swoop with nary a nick or blot of tissue was extra impressive. It doesn't foam, but it makes the razor glide like a speed ice skater, even around precious corners. God this is good stuff!

Only problem is, I used up most of it before my fella could shave again.

Sorry, honey!

I did leave his Best for Last Aftershave alone, though it's smells good - pine, mint - and feels so soft on my skin...

Grooming Lounge specializes in men's skin care products, but don't be surprised if you're girl wants to share. I'm sorry, but sometimes something's just too good for us to ignore.

ALL-ETT Billfolds

A sleek wallet is a sexy wallet, in my opinion.

And it doesn't get any sleeker than ALL-ETT Billfolds, the world's thinnest wallets!

A small family business makes these fantastic wonders that are being recommended by many chiropractors, who recommend and sell the wallets because they help to allievate back pain!

Take a look at your bulging wallet and just think how much nicer it would be the carry all that you need to without all the bulk!

Made out of Spinnaker nylon (what sailboat sails are made out of, are PVC free and are made from recycled material) or leather, it's going to last as long as any other wallet you've had.

And there are a ton of designs to choose from so you can keep to the format that you're used to, which I think is smart. You've carried the type of wallet you've carried for this long because it's what you like, so why change and be all drastic about it just because you want less bulk?
The Original is pretty wicked. I think this concept is just fantastic. My friend Wayne has this kind of expanding file of a wallet and yet, this holds the same amount of cards (always a problem, isn't it?) as well as money, which I don't think his does.

If you like to have your Driver's License or other photo ID visible, the Nylon Inside ID Wallet is a perfect solution while keeping your wallet as slim and sleek as possible.

The Traveler kind of expands on that notion, but also allows you room for your passport - fantastic! And really, when you're traveling, don't you want the slimmest, smallest, lightest thing possible to carry all of your ID? It comes in Black Leather for that added touch of class.

The Boaters Wallet in Safety Yellow is perfect for camping, canoeing, sailing and whatever else you'll be doing where you might need something that's water resistant.

And if you're all about just carrying your cards around, the Leather Card Case will hold all your essentials - bank, credit, store and business cards - in one tiny package.

ALL-ETT Billfolds do all the things your current wallet does without all of the weight and bulk. Sounds like the pefect solution to me.

So upgrade your wallet and fix your health and your pockets with ALL-ETT Billfolds. There is no reason not to - especially since it will hold everything yours currently has!


MAN|CARDS for the Thoughtful Gent is just an awesome idea!

Created by a WOMAN, Kara Magrin and designed by her husband, Michael, these cards are simple, classy and oh-so-masculine.

With thick blue, green or orange swaths of paint on a brown background, these are suited for any occasion. And the Special Edition Note Cards are as versatile, though I call these my Canadian cards just because they are well, so Canadian (in a really good way, I assure you!).

I highly recommend the Variety Pack, so that you can enjoy all of the designs.

Each set comes with 10 cards on heavy paper stock (with heavy white envelopes) and are housed in a gorgeous metal embossed tin with a sexy, sliding lid.

These are a must have item because they are:

- good looking like you
- serve any occasion
- will be on hand should such occasion arrive
- will impress the recipient, whomever they are, will your impeccable manners and good taste.

Just don't be surprised if your gal takes a few to use for herself. I certainly did.

Stephanie Dickison

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