Get Ready for Easter with Amazing Artisan Cookies and Biscuits from Salem Baking Co!

It's not after that I am wowed by cookies.

After all, I don't really have a sweet tooth. But the cookies from Salem Baking Co. knocked me off my feet!

Their Moravian Cookies are not only crisp and impossibly thin, but full of delicate flavour. It is really the most refined cookie I've ever come across! Everyone that came by to try them were blown away by how spectacular they are.

We tried the wonderfully vibrant Meyer Lemon, Tangerine Orange and Key Lime flavours that all have a hint of buttery goodness - you can also get them as a set if you wish. But my favourite are the Ginger Spice that are perfect for afternoon tea or after the dinner dishes have been cleared away. Mmm!

And just in time for Easter, the Easter-Shaped Cookies are a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday! These sugar cookies are not overly sweet and have the signature thinness and crispness that Salem Baking Co. is famous for! Their pastel colours and Easter-themed shapes will stand out amongst the drugstore chocolate bunnies that the rest of the world will be buying. These right here are some delicious and classy goodies - and you get to keep and reuse the pretty tin afterwards!

And if Cheese Biscuits are your thing, you'd better try these ones! Tiny little crunchy parcels of intense cheesy pleasure are so addictive that it's not your fault if you finish the whole box.

We did.

We tried Original Cheddar, Parmesan Artichoke and Asiago Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto.

Sure you could get your biscuits and cookies this holiday at the grocery store. But you'd be missing out on some really amazingly good treats that will just as memorable as the time you spend together.

Yep. They are about to become a part of your tradition just as they have become a part of mine.

Happy Easter!

Stephanie Dickison

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