Eco-Friendly Pink Solution Cleans Your Clothes, Everything in Your Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room - Even Your Pet and the Car!

Companies are always claiming that they do all the work of their competition, in less time with less effort. But you can't believe everything you read, right?

Except when it comes to Pink Solution.

This cleaner really does do it all. I know not because I took their word for it (though their live demonstration sure is convincing!), but because I've tried it and seen the most amazing results.

I don't want to get all evangelical on you, but this stuff works on anything and everything - you can actually get rid of that whole pile of separate cleaners you've got stored underneath the sink. Really.

You can do everything from get rid of the rust in your toilet with just a quick swipe of the cleaner (no elbow grease required!), mildew on your windowsill or in the bathroom (leave it on for 10 minutes, come back and wipe it away!) and do everything from your laundry to stains on the couch to mirrors and even inside the oven. There is nothing that I have tried it on that hasn't worked.

In fact, a couple of months ago, I had just finished cleaning our toilet with that bright blue liquid that I'm sure you're familiar with. The bottle has sprung a leak, so I set it in our kitchen sink and wiped it down and went back to finish cleaning the rest of the bathroom. When I came back to the kitchen, the blue cleaner had formed a long dark stain in the sink that I couldn't get off no matter what cleaners I used or how hard I scrubbed. I thought we'd have to live with that stain forever.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when soon after my Pink Solution arrived, I thought I would give it a try. The stain disappeared after a single application! My sink that I thought was ruined looks brand new. It is unbelievable!

And it gets even better - it is completely natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. There are no fumes, you don't have to wear gloves and you can use it around children and pets without worrying about causing them harm. It is actually a joy to use because there is no heavy scrubbing or choking on chemical fumes! I know - insane!

Pink Solution can clean your leather jacket - and make it softer with no cracking - carpet, shower doors, bicycle, stainless, oven, ceramic, concrete, fireplace, toilet, windows, mirrors, chrome, dishwasher, hardwood, laminate, marble, granite, leather, plastic, septic tanks, car, boat and RV.... you name it, it can clean it! You can use it right out of the container or add water to make both light and heavy duty sprays for around the house. And I'm telling you, mirrors will gleam, countertops will shine - it cleans better than those bleach, vinegar, lime solutions you've been using all these years.

And it will last longer and cost you less than what you've been paying for all your assorted supposed cleaners. For instance, a 5 litre tub of Pink Solution will do 562 loads of laundry!

I know it's hard to believe without seeing the results firsthand. But that's why you've really got to try it. I truly believe that once you see how quickly it works without using any of the force your used to, you'll become a convert too!

Get yours here and see how clean everything can truly be - naturally!

Stephanie Dickison

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