Buckle-Down Has the Coolest Belts Around!

It's funny, but I've never really been a belt girl.

That is, until I came across the incredibly innovative designs and styles at Buckle-Down!

They have an incredible assortment of buckles and belts that will rock your world - tattoo belts, rockstar buckles, web belts, seatbelt belts and much, much more!

Check out their Lucky Tattoo Belt in Pink. This 1.5 inch tattoo printed web belt gives you the edge of the classic tattoo style without having to get inked! Web belts are available in 1.0", 1.25" and 1.5" wide buckles and straps. You should see the selection - there are 4 pages of tattoo belts alone in the catalogue (the website showcases only a small portion of what they carry!).

Web Belts come in great patterns that allow you to really express your interests and personality. I got my fella one emblazoned with 80s coloured Kanye West Sunglasses, which I think is great fun - Love Lockdown for sure with this belt!

If you like pink, but want something a little more feminine, the Butterfly w/Gems Gem Detailed Rockstar Buckle in Black and Pink oughtta do it. And the Sun & Blossom w/Gems Buckle is a truly stunning accessory. Who knew belt buckles could be so captivating?

I love the Seatbelt Belts. It's just a fantastic idea, don't you think? I got a Ford Mustang one, which gives adds instant flare to any outfit. There are gazillions to choose from, so be sure to get the print catalogue to see the full collection. These make superfantastic gifts for those for whom you just don't know what to get!

And the Buckle Purse allows you to show off your style in a whole different way. There is plenty of room for your necessities and I've got to tell you, it is awfully fun opening and closing it. In fact, you may end up spending more because you just can't help but open your purse - just kidding!

Buckle-Down carries innovative belts and buckles that allow you to really showcase your personal style. So go ahead - adorn every boring black and brown belt that you own with something fun and stylin'.

You only live once - you might as well rock a cool belt while you're at it!

Stephanie Dickison

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