Switch to Attitude Eco-Friendly Cleaners That Are Safe For You and the Environment

Chances are the cleaners under your sink are a toxic wasteland. And while you might be of the belief that chemicals just clean better, I'm here to tell you that's just not the case.

Attitude Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaners use natural ingredients and essential oils that treat your mess without harmful chemicals, yet clean just as you're used to - getting to the grime and grit of daily life.

They offer a host of cleaners:

Dishwashing Liquid - Although it doesn't get sudsy, don't think that means that you're dishes are getting clean. That's just something that companies will have you believe. The grapefruit & bergamot essential oils smell fantastic (there's also ylang-ylang & lime) and I have to say, knowing that you're eating off plates that haven't been swathed in chemicals, feels awfully good.

All Purpose Cleaner - This is by far the most used cleaner in our house. I use it on counters, cupboards - any mess that needs tending to. And there is no grime after using this - just spray and wipe. I love the lavender scent in this one.

Bathroom Mold/Mildew - Some bathrooms are just susceptible to mold and/or mildew. But now you can tackle it naturally and with the fresh scent of tea tree and lime essential oils to boot!

Daily Shower - Keep your shower looking shiny and bright with this natural cleaner. The ylang-ylang & tangerine also keeps the bathroom smelling fresh.

Laundry Detergent - Treat your clothes as you would everything else and clean them with eco-friendly ingredients. The lavender & grapefruit scent is subtle here, which is just what you want in a detergent.

Fabric Softener - If you use fabric softener, use this one. Can you just imagine what's in that one with the fuzzy bear on it? Ech.

Air Purifier - This is one of my favourite Attitude products. There is so much toxicity in our air and in our homes, and yet we never really think about how to neutralize or remove it. This wonderful product smells good (lavender or passion fruit) and goes to work on the air around you without making any noise or taking up very much space. Every home should have at least one.

Attitude Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaners use natural and vegan raw materials that are renewable resources that are safe for you AND the environment. Their products are not hazardous for septic tanks, are easily biodegradable and their containers are recyclable.

Instead of reaching for the bright blue bottle of cleaning fluid that you've been using all of these years, why not give a natural product that is good for the environment a try. Just think of all the good you're doing, all while you're cleaning the tub!

Stephanie Dickison

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