Milo's Whole World Gourmet Pasta Sauces & Salad Dressings Are Made with Local Ingredients, Fresh Herbs & Wine!

Pasta sauces and salad dressings often have the same ingredients with slight variations.

But with Vino de Milo, it's all about local ingredients, fresh herbs and WINE!

When I heard that Jonathan Milo Leal put wine in his sauces and dressings, I just had to check it out for myself.

And am I glad I did!

Not only does Jonathan concentrate on using local growers, but he had the genius idea of adding real, quality wine to these products. Brilliant!

As well, everything on the ingredients list is a real whole ingredient. And you can tell the immense difference it makes.

I tried all of the dressings and pasta sauces, and can report that they are divine creations that are fresh and lively and yes, you can taste the wine - which as a wine lover, I am so pleased that the aromas and flavours were not cloaked in the process!

The sauces were exciting. I love that the Mediterranean Pinot Grigio has artichokes, olives and capers. I can't think of the last time I saw capers in a bottled sauce, but I think it's a genius idea! The Portobello Shiraz is suprisingly spritely and not at all heavy. I swooned when I tasted roasted squash in the Tuscan Merlot! Truly amazing! And who wouldn't be excited by the name alone? I think the Roasted Garlic Chianti is romantic and I just wish I'd had fresh clams for the pasta when I did this one. Next time... And the Four Herb Malbec Marinara has what I always look for in a red sauce - heart and soul - not to mention that it uses my very favourite wine. Oh boy!

The finely diced tomatoes give your dishes added texture, but know that these are not thick and hearty sauces. They are on the thinner side, which I have to say, was a really nice change from the usual suspects and coated the pasta without cloaking it.

And I don't know if you know this, but I eat half to a whole lettuce every night or two. I always have and I probably always will. So what dressing I choose is very important, as I'm going to be eating a lot of it. Vino de Milo dressings did not disappoint.

For someone to make an oil and vinegar dressing that you start having salad and raw veg just so that you can have the dressing - that's remarkable. And that's what Vino de Milo's Balsamic & Olive Oil Dressing with Chianti Wine is like. I drained that bottle in less than a week it was so good. I put it in pasta salad, on cold potatoes and anything I could get my hands on. This is the good stuff right here.

My Mom went that crazy over the Roasted Garlic Dressing with Chardonnay Wine. She comes over every week for dinner and both times she squealed with delight when she saw the bottle. We now just call it "Mom's Dressing" to save time.

Like an alfredo sauce for your salad, Artichoke Parmesan Dressing with Pinot Grigio Wine is an elegant and delicious choice. For something a little richer, a bit bolder, try Gorgonzola Pear Dressing with Reisling Wine. And for something really different, Sun-Dried Tomato Dressing with Merlot Wine gives greens a zesty lift!

I am a Vino de Milo girl now. You will be too once you give them a try.

Stephanie Dickison

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