Get Outside's Boot Socks Rock Whether It's Raining, Snowing or Just Plain Cold!

There is nothing worse than having cold feet.

But now there is not only a practical solution, but a fashionable one - thanks to the folks at Getoutside, one of the coolest shoe stores around.

Designed by staff at the store, Boot Socks are made to fit inside your rubber boots or whatever boots you are rockin' at the moment.

Handmade in the store with recycled materials (secondhand fleece and wool sweaters), these eco-friendly wonders will become as much of a necessity in your daily life as your cup of joe and big satchel.

They come in different colours and sizes and they really make an outfit pop. But the most important feature is that they are warm and comfy! Once you try them, you won't want to take them off!

And I love how you can wear them different ways - pull them up over your knees, slouch them over your boot top or roll them down over your boots.

There are two lines - Teami and Ja Ja - to choose from. You can't seem 'em all on the website, so come in the store and check them out.

Of course, you'll want to get an array of rain boots at the store while you're at it too. But be warned - it's going to be awfully hard to decide on just one or two pairs with all of this selection...

And now when it rains, like it's supposed to tonight, I look forward to my walk because my feet are warm and I look mighty fine.

I love my Boot Socks from Getoutside! They make all the difference in warmth and comfort.

Stephanie Dickison

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