Stand Out From the Crowd with Stella By Isabel Desy Jewelry!

You want something different to wear this season, or perhaps you want to give jewelry as a present. Not the usual suspects this time around, thank you very much.

You want pretty, but unexpected. Striking and a little bit off the beaten path.

That's why you should get Stella by Isabel Desy.

The collection is divided into four categories - Air, Fire, Water and Earth - and they are fitting for every season and every occasion.

I love her Nature Asymmetrical 1-row necklace (shown here in Brown) What people are calling, "restless necklaces," it has an asymmetrical edge with gray gros grain ribbon on one side with a delicate silver linked chain on the other. Black and gray-mottled semiprecious stones along with 2 pewter reings, glass beads and a gorgeous lined leaf hang down just off centre. It is simply stunning and EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear it, someone walks over to me, lifts it up off my clavicle and says how beautiful it is and asks where I got it. You know it's a fantastic piece when...

Matching semiprecious earrings that can be worn with or without the necklace go with absolutely everything in my closet. They are perfect.

Just as superb is the Metal bracelet with crystal wire and turquoise stones. The colours are Mediterranean sea greens and blues, all joined with rings and a square of silver. Absolutely sublime.

I love the sexy simplicity of Isabel's Long earrings with medium earwire - espresso-coloured wooden cubes encircled in silver gives off a classic architectural flair.

Polychrome short earrings with fish hooks and cluster of glass charms attract a crowd. Palm green and tea coloured glass beads jumble together in a beautiful starburst formation.

And for appearances during my upcoming book tour, I'll be sure to wear the playful, Long (4") asymmetrical earrings with fish hooks complete with foamy aqua small semiprecious stone, delicate chain running through round and oval metallic rings.

This is jewelry that knocks your socks off and those around you. And it's affordable.

So get some real artisan jewelry that will have people actually walking across the room to tell you how pretty your necklace is.

Stephanie Dickison

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