Make This Valentine's Day an Eco-Friendly One - With Demographic, Ecobooma, EarthLust & Pueblito!

If you are looking for an eco-friendly present for someone for Valentine's Day, I've gotta tell you - I've found the very best!

Check out the tees, totes, bottles and jewelry that I've found. They are so great, you're going to have to get two of everything!

Demographic's Ware You Fit In Tees

Demographic makes tees that matter, that suit different "demographics."

But not in the way you might think.

These smart folks have created clothes where "each design concept represents a different group of people or demographic," where the demographic is actually an idea or an issue that is important to them - such as music, activism, creativity and even superstitious.

So finally you get to choose and wear a shirt that expresses who you are and what's important to you, all the while looking great in these well-designed and comfy tees. Isn't that just about the best thing?

I got the Allergic shirt, which is contemporary and pretty and you probably wouldn't know that it stands for all the people suffering from allergies. What I love about this, aside from the amazing design is that the cause is not written in big bold letters across the front. It's just a kind of secret that only you know and those whom you choose to tell.

Smart tees with a message that means something and look good. What are you waiting for? Get yours now.*

*women's and men's available.

Ecobooma Totes

If you want to be an eco-friendly, yet still fashionable, check out Ecobooma's new line of tote bags.

Made out of 100% recycled food containers, soda and water bottles, these bags come in a variety of sizes and styles with custom artwork on the front and eco facts on the back (A portion of the profits will benefit the Bruce Paltrow Oral Cancer Foundation and The Environmental Media Association).

I got the World Tote, which is absolutely massive. It's the biggest tote bag I've ever had! No longer will you have to bring 4 or 5 bags to the grocery store - this one oughtta do it!

It's message is simple, the design beautiful. Carry this bag and you'll be doing a world of good.

Really. Pick your tote bag here.

EarthLust Water Bottles

I know I should be carrying around a refillable bottle, instead of buying plastic bottles every time I'm thirsty, but I want a pretty one. A really pretty one.

Sigh. I found them all at EarthLust. They are hands-down, THE prettiest bottles I've ever seen!

Silhouettes from nature adorn these silver and other coloured bottles.

And it gets better:

EarthLust bottles are made from "high quality #304 food grade stainless steel, which is naturally safe unlined." And they use non-toxic paints and BPA- safe polypropelene #5 caps, which means that you don't have to worry about that unsafe threading that those other supposedly safe bottles have in them.

Also, all of their bottles are custom designed, so you're getting a work of art, not just some big factory-made thing. And because most of their line is limited edition, chances our your bottle will be yours and only yours. Which will feel awfully good when everyone pulls out their generic bottle at yoga and you'll have the only one worth swooning over!

You can get a sport cap if you like (I love these for any time) and there are 3 bottle sizes to choose from to suit your lifestyle and needs.

It is really hard to choose amongst the designs. You'll want one of each, I'm sure, just as I did.

I got the 1 L Peacock, which is simply stunning and the 20 oz. Poppy, which is just so lovely, don't be surprised if people want to borrow it from you!

Finally, I've got a bottle that's pretty enough to carry! I'm so excited!

Check the Where to Buy section so you can get a bunch too!

Pueblito Eco Friendly Fair Trade Jewelry & Gifts

Want jewelry that is truly eco-friendly? That's fairly traded? Then look to Pueblito for your beautiful wares!

They use only natural, biodegradable materials which have been harvested in a sustainable manner.

There is a ton to choose from as well as the materials the jewelry is made from - tagua nut, seed, fish scale, soapberry, totumo gourd, coconut and bamboo to mention just a few!

Here is the stunning seed necklace I choose - Amber - Mate and Algarrobo Seed Necklace Set (Brown & Gray). I love the full shape, and colours and sheen almost like marble.

As it says on the site, "This beautiful necklace is made out of Mate (gray) and Algarrobo (Dark Brown) seeds and little pieces of raw amber. All seeds and resins are fair trade and imported from South America. The cord is made out of cotton. Length: approximately 25".

And you get matching earrings as well. All at an incredibly affordable price in materials that your friends won't be wearing this season.

So peruse the collection and get something original, unusual and completely eco-friendly.

Stephanie Dickison

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