Gorgeous Handmade Art From Michele Maule - Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

I've found incredible art to help you get a present that they'll cherish now and always! And trust me, these are way better than anything you'll find at the mall...

See for yourself!

Original Art by Michele Maule

What better present than to give someone original artwork? And beautiful artwork at that!

Michele Maule studied Printmaking in Portland and creates incredibly touching works of art that include objects from the everyday. Sneakers, birds and a bicycle take on a sweet and comforting tone, like they have been captured onto paper somehow from childhood memories.

The colours Michele uses - Chevy aqua, gas station red, caramel - also harken back to a earlier, simpler time, making these treasured works a must for your wall, desk or shelves, as well as presents to those you love and care about.

Like the moods set by great artists such as Edward Hopper and Alex Colville, you will be drawn again and again to her work, her composition and the extrodinary feelings that they evoke.

You can peruse the amazing collection at her Etsy shop, but I warn you - you won't be able to choose just one! You can choose from original paintings, etchings, various size prints and more, so you can get something to suit every wall and budget. Woo woo!

I got I Hope It's Ok for my fella. We both came to the relationship with 2 old typewriters each, and with both of us being writers,it a fantastic, very personal present (and I just love how she draws typewriters - so round and compact!)

I love the mood of Now That You Feel. It can be about hope or despair, depending upon your mood or view. It is completely original and fun and quirky, which is often what I'm looking for in art.

And I just can't get over Friend! It is a girl and her dog, jauntily off to the side and bottom, with neat artifacts replicated below. You probably know this already, but this is going on my rolltop desk, where only the most amazing, important objects I have go.

This is art that makes you smile.

Check out all of Michele Maule's work and get something fantastic that really means something.

Stephanie Dickison

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