Fix Its From Prescriptives, Ecru New York, Privacy Strips, Sleep Scentsations & Sneaker Balls!

We all have problems that need fixing, whether it's trying to get more sleep, reducing lines and wrinkles or stinky sneakers.

I've found some amazing problem solvers. Check them out and get on with your life!

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Extreme Lifting Concentrate

If you're worrying about your lines and wrinkles, I've got some good news: thanks to Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Extreme Lifting Concentrate, your skin can be lifted 58% more after only 8 weeks of use! Visibly lifting and firming your skin, boosting your collagen and smoothing out your lines, your skin will be transformed.

With only one application, your wrinkles and lines will be diffused for up to 8 hours. So start now and see immediate results! You can ever put on over your foundation!

I am a huge fan of Prescriptives Makeup and Skincare because you always get instant results and I am so glad to have found their Super Line Preventor Extreme Lifting Concentrate. I'm looking better already!
ECRU New York Silk Nectar Serum

Not only does colouring my hair keep it in constant need of care and repair, but add on the harsh cold and dry winter days and it's a complete mess!

But what has helped incredibly is ECRU New York Silk Nectar Serum.

This pretty amber liquid in a bottle not only adds body and shine to your locks, but it acts a mild scalp exfoliant. It moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes your hair and smooths it down into a manageable style while providing UV protection.

It has a mild but warm, fresh scent and only a little is needed on damp or dry hair, so the bottle will last and last, no matter what the weather.

My hair is actually shiny and oh-so-soft to the touch. It's like a whole new head of hair, because really, mine never feels this good.

Privacy Strips

A couple of weeks ago, we had friends over for dinner and one woman's dress shirt was gapped open at her breast. It might have been the way she was sitting, leaning forward to talk, but oh how I wanted to pass her some Privacy Strips. And the other day when I was doing a restaurant review, I had to keep tugging at a part of my ruffled blouse. I could have really used them then.

That's why you should always keep some Privacy Strips on hand - in your purse, desk drawer and in the bedroom or bathroom - because you never know when you're going to need them!

Whether it's a bra strap showing, a dress shirt gapping or a pant leg that needs cuffing, avoid popping up and out with these sticky precut strips that will hold you together forever!

Looking put together has never been easier.

Sleep Scentsations

These hard economic times are not just hitting us in the pocketbook - it's affecting our sleep.

So how to get your groove back?

Sleep Scentsations Scented Pillow Liners ought to do it!

These innovative adhesive-backed liners give you an amazing scent to fall asleep to. You can choose from Botanical, Wellness, Fresh, Aromatherapy, Exotic or Sensual.

Just open up the sealed package, peal off the backing and stick liner on your pillow under your pillowcase. Now lie back and inhale the scent. It will most definitely put you in a happy state whether you choose Fresh Cut Grass or Shanghai Nights.

I got Snore RX for my fella who occasionally snores, as do I. He didn't want to try it (I don't snore that badly, do I, he asked so I gave it a shot. I can't tell you if it stopped me from snoring (only my guy and the cat know for sure), but the soft scent did get me right off to sleep...

The following week, I tried My Boyfriend's Shirt, which I've got to tell you is a FANTASTIC GIFT for the girl who has everything or for someone aching for company. It is mind-blowing how the cologne smell brought back memories of exes and boyfriends long gone. And it was a little weird having it right beside the man whom I love and live with. I almost felt like I was cheating on him!

But oh what an amazing journey. I fell asleep with thoughts of boys that did their best, that loved me lots and some who only loved me a little. I remembered dates in cafes with rain sliding against the window, in movie theatres and on long car trips.

It was a wonderful walk down memory lane and a fantastic night's sleep.

And that's only 2 of the 12 scents available! And you get 8 scented liners per package, which means a lot of deep sleeps and happy thoughts.


Sneaker Balls

Maybe you work out during the week and your sneakers need a little refreshing. Or after a long winter of wearing the same boots day in, day out, they need a little odour patrol.

Don't be embarrassed - just get Sneaker Balls and problem solved!

There are many different styles to choose from and they come in 2 scents - Power Mint and Fresh Scent. Just pop a pair of these poweful balls in your shoes, gym bag or hamper. The scent lasts for 3 months.

No need to battle the stink any longer - it will be a thing of the past, as soon as you put Sneaker Balls to work!

Stephanie Dickison

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