Jan Marini Skin Research: Younger Looking Skin is Possible!

If you are at all worried about or have aging or sun-damaged skin, acne or rosacea, Jan Marini Skin Research has got something just for you!

Take the Age Intervention Face Cream for instance. With a highly emollient base, this thick, clean smelling cream gives you intense moisture while targeting your changing, aging skin. You can feel a difference taking place upon the first application.

And to keep your skin tone even and looking luminous, try Age Intervention Enlighten. Any facial discolorations will fade away, leaving you with beautiful even skin. With the addition of Retinol, it also makes for a powerful anti-aging lotion, so the result is supple, bright skin and a completely even complexion.

To protect your skin throughout the day, Jan's Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant is fabulous. It is tinted in 3 shades (I got Sunkissed Sand), is SPF 30 and is waterproof, so you are completely covered no matter whether you are out in the sun, splashing around in the pool, or carrying on with your regular work day.

I love that kind of security, don't you?

The formulation is oil-free and gives you a matte coverage that nourished your skin all day long.

But at Jan Marini, it's not just about your skin. It's about the whole package.

So treat your aging, chemically-damaged hair as you would your skin - with great care and with Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner. It goes to work quickly, giving you a full, more lustrous feeling. All you do is shampoo and condition as you normally would, then add a few spritzes of JM's Revitalizing Conditioner. It has a beautifully fresh scent and plumps up your hair, giving you the movie star hair you've always dreamed of.

And don't forget your lashes and brows! Use Marini Lash and see your lashes go from whatever to ostrich worthy, Liza Minelli long.

If transformation is what you're looking for, then Jan Marini Skin Research is for you.

Stephanie Dickison

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