Fun & Fashionable Gifts for All Of Your Friends From bobag, Alias Premium Denim and TRKFLD!

I am blessed to have wonderful friends and so this holiday season, I want to get them really fabulous gifts.

Here's a peak at what I've found so far. Feel free to steal any or all these ideas for your friends. After all, they deserve the very best, don't they? And while you're at it, you may want to get one of each for yourself... after all, you deserve it too!

For the Girl Who Carries the World in Her Purse

The bigger the purse, the more you'll carry - this is just a fact. So for the girl who carries everything, but can never find a single thing, bobags are the perfect gift!

These brightly coloured zipper bags are cute and fun and can be completely personalized to each girl's personality. They are also incredibly thick and durable, which means that that sad used-to-be-white canvas pencil case that you are using for a makeup case (Camille!) can be tossed and you can now be chic with your cool new bobag! You pick the colour combination of case and lining, so you can match it to each person.

Each pouch is made of 100% manmade materials and have plastic clear windows that you then personalize with letters, symbols and punctuation (included with each bag). What fun!

That means that each girl can rock out her personality all the while staying organized, making this a gift she'll appreciate. And you'll appreciate the selection and price - both of which are amazing!

The bobag mini is a great little place for cards, change and tampons, while the medium is a great all purpose pouch, whether you're lugging around art supplies or every luxe eyeshadow known to man.

The bobag long screams pencil case, but I am using mine for anything but, and the bobag big (say that ten times fast) is my favourite bag for keeping in my carry-on when travelling. It's big enough to hold my passport, papers, contacts, energy bar and whatever else I want to have close at hand, but don't want to be digging at the bottom of my leather duffle.

These pouches are fun and flirty and yet so unbelievably useful. Get the Whole Lotta Bo selection for you and your pals and start taking back those minutes that you used to spend digging at the bottom of your purse.

You've got better things to do!

For the Girl Searching for the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Lord knows it is near impossible to get a pair of jeans that fit you well but also look good. I have been searching for decades now and it has been rare that I have found a pair that will do both. And for a price that I can afford!

But now there is Alias Premium Denim, my saviours and favourite new find!

Here is what they are all about:

"We were tired of paying hundreds of dollars for premium denim. We loved the fit and style but didn't love what it was doing to our bank account. We tried less expensive jeans, but just couldn't find the right style and price combination. Since we couldn't find it, we decided to create it! 18 months of design and development later and Alias Premium Denim was born, for all the other girls out there that want to look HOT without burning a hole in their jean pocket."

Can I get an amen?

There is much to praise about the "Sweet Dee" jeans.

First of all, the dark wash is fabulously slimming and sharp, which means you can throw on a tank or tee to head out to the bar or a crisp white tuxedo shirt for that fundraiser this evening. They are classy and classic, so they'll never be out of style.

The low rise means that they sit comfortably and the boot cut gives you a flattering silhouette from waist to heel. The fine woven denim material is soft with a slight stretch and are thinner than Levis, which means that you can wear them for hours without feeling weighed down or bulked up.

The back pockets have dark stitching so they blend in, because when you are walking away, you don't want people remembering your crazy, blinged out backside.

These jeans look and feel great. In fact, you won't believe how good they feel!

But that's not even the best part.

Get ready for it - they are only $40 a pair!

Once you try them for yourself, you're going to want to get 10 - and then get a pair for everyone you know!

Which means, you're shopping list just got a whole lot shorter and your life just got a whole lot better!

For the Girl or Guy Who Really Needs a Fresh, New Bag

I know it's the cliche that women have multiple handbags and shoes - so many in fact, that it seems impossible that she could use them all.

But despite the massive collections, many girls I know rarely change their purse. They just get used to carrying the same one, it is a drag to change the contents over to a new one and they are so comfortable with it now, it would seem weird to change it for something else.

So give your girlfriend (or guy friend) a new bag that will cause them to giggle and scream with delight. Give them a bag that can hold all their stuff while making them look hot.

Give them a TRKFLD Bag.

TRKFLD only makes bags, which means you're going to get the bag of a lifetime. In tbeir own words:

"We make bags. We make bags for people bored of boring. People tired of tired. We make bags from non-traditional material using traditional methods. A clever collection of genuine goods. A product for the moving masses. This is what we do.

Track + Field is more than a product, more than a brand, and more than a bag. They are the sum of their parts. They start with fabrics swimming in history to create pieces that lend themselves to this rich story. The tale is stitched right onto the bag. Whether it's produced from super tough, weatherproof Sunbrella or made from handwoven, family crafted Harris Tweed, Track + Field stands out by providing substance in every product they create."

My friend Darren has been using the same bag everyday for about a year now and it is just about worn out. While I don't want to ruin the surprise, I think the Kole is a perfect replacement. They call the colour "Gaston Seaglass," which sums it up beautifully (and you can get others if you like) and what a nice shot of colour for these dreary months!

The size is lovely - 12.5" x 4.0" x 10.5" - so that means he can truck his binders and books back and forth from Teacher's College every day, without carrying around a bulky messenger bag or knapsack.

On the outside, it's got a front velcro pocket, rear zipper pocket and main compartment zipper closure with 3-snap flaps and 2 smaller pockets and a larger zipper pocket on the inside, which allows him to carry his iPod, student card, pencil case and other accessories with ease.

The material is tough and rugged sunbrella fabric, which means it'll stand up to our harsh Canadian weather conditions along with the perils of being a full-time student.

These bags are fun and unexpected, yet so durable and usable that you're going to want one for yourself.

The only problem is trying to choose - The Lada or Luu? The Pelly or Tara?

You know what? You better get 'em all...

Stephanie Dickison

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