You Are Going to Look So Pretty For the Holidays Thanks to Elizabeth Arden, The Body Shop and Haute Face!

It's only a month now until holiday party season is in full swing.

You know the drill, get home from the office, down a quick microwaved dinner, change and head out to 2 parties - of course in completely opposite directions. And that's just the first night of the 2 week party frenzy.

Part of the ritual is getting dressed up and probably throwing on something with a little shine or sparkle to it. And that includes your makeup.

So here are some products that you can put on quickly and instantly look glamourous without any extra effort (you're going to need that to carry the bottles of wine, tins of cookies and presents that you stayed up late wrapped the night before).

It's going to be a busy season, but there's no reason that you can't look fabulous in the meantime!

Elizabeth Arden

There is something so very beautiful about Elizabeth Arden Makeup. Not only the packaging, but the contents themselves evoke a sense of classic beauty and refinement, even though the colour palettes are truly up-to-the-moment and beyond.

Why have I let it go so long before trying Ms. Arden? They are phenomenal!

This season, I am rocking the LIMITED EDITION Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Duo in Illusion, and boy is it gorgeous! A soft white and shimmery almost black make my eyes pop and glitter and are the perfect accompaniment to any holiday outfit. The shadow goes on soft and smooth and despite my lack of talent, looks perfect upon application. It is also long-lasting - thank goodness, because the last thing you want to be doing at a party is worrying about your makeup!

One thing that makes this an extra special treat is that the limited edition compact is festooned with one of Miss Arden's most famous beauty maxims - "To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman."

A great little reminder to have in your purse this season, but also, what a wonderful gift to give!

And instead of going with the usual cranberry red lips this season, I'm living it up in my new Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Pink Pink Shimmer!

Isn't that fun? This bodacious blue toned pink softens my lips while adding shimmer and shine - perfect for the holidays, wouldn't you say? With Aloe and Vitamins C and E, your lips will stay smooth no matter what the temperature. And the effects of this formulation are wonderful - each time your lips catch the light, they'll look slightly different - a little bit of pearl, a little bit of shimmer. Now that's what I call celebratory lipstick! With no bleeding or feathering and smooth, long-lasting wear, you can raise a glass - and a Christmas cookie! - and look fabulous the entire time!

For me now, Elizabeth Arden Makeup is not just a holiday accessory, but a year-round must-have. She totally rocks my world!

The Body Shop

I never knew that The Body Shop had a line of Holiday Makeup.

But I love that it centers around sparkle! That is what makes getting dressed during the holidays a little extra special - a little daub of shine and shimmer makes everyone look merry and bright. And during the shorter dark days and heaps of snow, it's nice to do a little something to liven things up!

So this season, I'm counting on The Body Shop's Sparkle and Shimmer Powder Puff!

I like it because it offers a soft, sparkling golden powder that you can dust everywhere - face, shoulders, neck, décolletage, arms and legs - and not feel like you are a crazy tween with bright sparkles from head to toe. Think more a sexy, Beyoncé sheen than teen at the mall.

It goes on lightly and so even if you put a little too much on, you won't be ringing any alarms. It's a soft look that brightens and illuminates your skin. And the screw-top barrel features a built-in powder puff so that you can apply and go. And on top is a mirror to allow you to check your fabulousness one more time before you head out the door!

So while everyone else is looking pale and drab, you rock out and put a little sparkle and shimer on! It's the holidays - it's time to celebrate!

Haute Face

Okay, now I went on and on above about getting your shine on, but you don't want your face to look slick and oily. You want a finished, clean look. You want your best look.

That's where Haute Face's Finish Face Powder comes in - it gives you a fantastic finished look with just a quick swath of powder. There are a bunch of great colours to choose from with fun names (I got Silk & Satin) and all it takes is a few moments and dabs and suddenly, your face has gone from blah to Oh Yeah!

It's peace of mind when you're going to need all the peace you can get!

Stephanie Dickison

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