Silks Adds Texture and Warmth to Your Wardrobe This Fall

If you work in an office or dress for one, chances are you have heaps of nylons, tights and trouser socks.

But I bet that they are just as boring as mine - bought on the run and often 2 or 3 at a time.

Well, I recently changed all of that with Silks.

I realized that there was a whole world of textured and designed hosiery that I could use to accessorize my wardrobe and add much needed texture and warmth to a belted black dress that I wear constantly or add a little visual interest with a pretty trouser sock instead of the plain, cheap drugstore ones that I have relied on for much of my adult life.

The look of the cotton black legging is tired and done in my opinion. But I am totally psyched for the Control Top Leggings for Silks. The fine knit gives a new, fresh look to leggings and in Dark Steel, they add a little edge to my regular ol' clothes.

And to add something fun and funky to my pencil skirts and wide leg trousers, I've got my patterned Trouser Sock. No more plain Jane stuff for this gal!

For a sheer, sexy look, I love Silks Sheer. It gives me the control I want (slimming control top) with a hygenic cotton-lined gusset (so you can go commando if you like) and the silkiest sheer leg you've ever seen. So go put on your party dress, because you are going to want to show off your gams with these puppies. Wow!

And for those cold nights, I'm bundling up in my Silk Warmers. These opaque tights are light and comfy, yet give the same warmth as those thick, bulky, incredibly uncomfortable ones you bought last year. They have Thermolite, which keeps you warm, while Coolmax keeps you dry with its moisture wicking technology. It's perfect for this season and you'll look good and keep warm - two things that don't always go together!

I love that Silks offers the comfort (and warmth) that I crave, all the while making me look extremely fashionable - and at an affordable price. And the range of colours, patterns and textures keeps me up-to-date and not at all bored like I used to be by such things.

I'm a new girl now, thanks to my fun and exciting hoisery! Who knew it would make such a difference?

Stephanie Dickison

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