Check Out the Latest Hair Care Products That Will Take You From Okay to Oh-My-God!

Now that the cool weather has arrived, my hair is already starting to rebel.

My usually soft and silky locks are now a frizzy, dried, tangled mass that has got to be reckoned with. And it's only November!

But don't worry - help is here! I have found some really amazing products in which to drench, condition and smooth your hair. You will look fab again in just mere moments. Just watch how these products work their magic!

Joico K-Pak Smoothing Balm

If you want smooth hair that doesn't frizz or freak out due to thermal and environmental damage, this balm's for you. It's heat-activated, so whether you're using a hair dryer or hot iron, you can count on your hair being smooth all day and night!

It is so and silky and smells amazing - clean and fresh. You will get addicted to it as I have, I'm sure!

LaCoupe Shine & Smooth Relax Straightening Balm

I would kill for straight hair. Not Dexter kill, but you know what I mean. My half-curly, kind of wavy hair is a mess on its own, but thanks to this light straightening cream, I can blow dry my hair and look Hollywood ready!

And it is a non-chemical process, thanks to extracts of rosemary, jojoba seed oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein

It's fruity and fun and allows me to go out without scaring people!

Hamadi Shea Rice Milk Conditioner

My hair, because I've been colouring it for so many years, gets dried out in an instant, so a really good conditioner is of the utmost importance.

With shea butter, clary sage, ylang ylang, rosewood, rosmary, thyme and rice milk, my hair gets the conditioning it so desperately needs, without harsh chemicals.

I like that.

Nelson J Brazilian Hair Masque

As you have probably heard, Acai is the new pomegranate and blueberry in terms of health benefits. And that includes your hair.

This masque is an acai oil-based hair treatment that really goes to work on your dry, damaged and chemically-treated hair.

You only have to leave it on 2-5 minutes to see results, unlike most masques that take forever, so you can deeply condition your hair while you exfoliate your skin, shave your legs, etc. - which means you can tend to your locks without losing any of your precious day!

You can put it on in the summertime before heading into the pool or ocean to protect your locks from chlorine and salt water damage.

This thick cream goes on easily and you can feel the difference right away. You should see my hair - and it smells dreamy too!

Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hairspray

I bet this will be the best-smelling hairspray you've ever used. The scent of gardenias are used, which not only make your hair smell pretty, but acts as subtle aromatherapy!

And whatever your needs, whatever your hairstyle, this hairspray will keep your hair where you want it to stay.

So it works and smells pretty - everything you ever wanted in a hairspray!

Tweek - Hairspray in a Cream Form

Hairspray has never really been great on curly hair. I should know - I have a mess of it.

But this hairspray in a cream form allows me to style my curly looks and get them to stay put, while allowing my curls to shine.

I like that this product caters to my wonky hair and makes my locks look their best. And if you don't like the feel of hairspray, this light styling cream is a great alternative.

Luscious, bouncy curls and waves, here I come!

Stephanie Dickison

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