Listen to Your iPod and Use Your iPhone in Comfort with Innovelis' BudFits!

Just a couple of weeks ago, my good friend and neighbour Ben came to me wondering if I knew of a way to keep his earbuds from falling out when he went running.

I searched and searched and found a kind of temporary solution, but one that would not last more than a few long runs. Frustrated, I kept up the search on my own, thinking that there had to be something out there.

So you can imagine my excitement of having recently found BudFits, one of the hottest new iPod and iPhone accessories of 2008!

I know you know the problem with iPod earbuds. While they look great, no matter what size your ears, they always fall and pop out and are so uncomfortable!

So instead of going out and having to spend your hardearned cash on a pair of earphones that are comfortable (get ready, because they are not cheap), you can simply snap your current earbuds into the incredibly affordable BudFits and put them on. Because they are made from a soft and flexible material, they mold to your ear and stay put - comfortably! You won't believe the difference in feel - and in sound!

This means that you can run, skip, jump, dance or hula while listening to your favourite tunes or talking on your iPhone!

They feel good and they look great! They come in 3 colours - Frosted Clear, Vanilla White and Stealth Black, allowing you to accessorize your player and lifestyle your own way.

Buy them here and live in complete and utter comfort - finally!

p.s. - Ben, I saved you a pair...

Stephanie Dickison

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