ColorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Gives You Glamourous Eyes - Instantly!

I am such a klutz when it comes to applying my eye makeup. I have never even attempted the smoky eye, because I know what a disaster it will be.

But with ColorOn...Professional, you can get the most beautiful effects - previously only available to those with mad skills with eyeshadow and a brush or with their own makeup artist on call! It's truly amazing that you can simply apply the soft disposable applicator -pre-loaded with mineral eye shadows - and peel away to reveal Joan Collins glamour without having to do a lick of work!

The pads are single-use, hygenic and hypoallergenic. You just place them on, rub the back of the applicator to transfer the makeup to your eyelid and peel away.

Done. Easy peasy. And you should see the tremendous colours and combinations that you can get!

I got individual packs of 10 of Bermuda, Ibiza and Gypsy, which are all warm colours that go beautifully with any eye colour and occasion. They are perfect for during the day because they simply make you look extremely polished, but are warm enough to move into evening - which means that you simply apply the pad before work and your makeup is set all day, and night!

I also got to try the Animal Instincts Variety Eye Shadow Kit, which is such fun and which I'll be wearing for Halloween tomorrow!

I think that these kits are the perfect solution for the busy woman on the go who wants to look good without having to have a team working on. ColorOn...Professional takes me from morning to night and I look better than anything I could have possibly done on my own - and it took literally only a few seconds, with no tools or talent!

Waterproof, sweat-proof and crease-proof - they are made for today's world and today's woman!

That's me!

Stephanie Dickison

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