Become Preppy & Chic in One Easy Step with One Eye Toad!

I went through the first preppy phase back in high school in the Eighties.

But back then, the polos were huge - big, boxy things that you got lost in and while coveted, weren't the least bit flattering.

Now the prepsters and polos have returned, but with modern touches like being much more fitted - thank goodness!

And while you may be wanting a Lacoste or Ralph Lauren version, I highly recommend One Eye Toad for a truly feminine look.

Their polos are sweet and chic, with a three-button placket, sleeves that add that modern puff and it's curved and fitted, meaning that thrown on with a pair of jeans or capris - instant cuteness abounds!

The polo is made from 95% Cotton Pique and 5% Spandex, so it is thick and lovely, yet not at all heavy. The shirt hugs all your curves and allows you room where you need it. The curved hem adds a little extra oomph, making this the must have item for fall!

It's great under sweaters, layered over a long sleeve tee or paired with a tulle skirt and tights. And it's immensely comfortable and soft, so chances are you're going to wear it a lot. Which means, you'll probably want one in every colour - Tomato, Blush, Blue Isle, Jelly Bean, Midnight and White!

Whether you're a former preppy like me or you're new to the scene, the One Eye Toad Polo is where it's at.


Stephanie Dickison

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