Sjal Skincare Blends Eastern Medicine with Western Bio-Technology!

Sjal is an eco-luxury skincare line that was developed by a mother and daughter and blends eastern medicines and western bio-technology with bio-osmotic power.

Karen & Kristin Petrovich are students of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Chinese medicines. In developing this line, they consulted with specialist including research scientists, biologists, herbalists, nutritionists and even sprirital intuitives.

All their work paid off!

The line, designed to nourish, treat and repair skin, is centered around a 4-part system that integrates over 50 active ingredients. The products are free of petroleum jelly, mineral oil, silicone alcohol, caffeine and fillers.

Serum 1 is meant to be used twice a day, underneath a moisturizer for maximum results. This anti-aging serum is pretty cool - it is meant to "re-construct, rebuild, and revive the skin from every angle."

Gee. Your dermatologist isn't even that thorough!

It goes to work on increasing hydration, elasticity, oxygen, metabolic performance and electrolyte balance, and a long list of other things that well, totally rock and make you suddenly look like you've got this youthful glow about you.

Oh yeah, it's a wonder product for sure!

Cela intuitif is a great daytime cream because it is incredibly light, yet soaks in upon application. It not only diminished the appearance of wrinkles and evens your skintone, but really moisturizes and hydrates - you can feel it working all day long!

Kura intuitif is a thicker creme for nightime use, and goes to work on your dry, dehydrated and uh, let's say mature skin. It helps lighten your dark circles and softens your skin.

Orbe is an eye creme that was designed to "lift the eye area, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fatty deposits, dark circles and puffiness."

Hallelujah! Because I don't know about you, but no matter how much water I drink, sleep I get or good eatin' I do, the puffy pockets beneath my eyes remain.

Or they did until I started using Orbe.

I can go on and on but really, you'll see what I mean once you try it.

Shop for sjal online and then we can both look younger, better and more well rested!

Stephanie Dickison

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