Shape Foods Heart Shape Culinary Quality Oils - Not Just Good But Essential for Health!

If I know you, and I think I do, you are probably not getting enough flax in your diet.

But thanks to Shape Foods Flax Oils, you can get the health benefits you need in one easy-to-pour bottle!

According to Shape Foods, "flax oil and flax oil blends are internationally recognized as the most important dietary requirement missing in our food supply today."

And if you look here, you'll see all the amazing benefits from getting the Omega-3 essentially fatty acids through these oil. And look at difference from canola oil! The oils from Shape Foods are far better in both quality and health benefits.

And they are easy to incorporate into your oil. As you don't heat flax oil like you would cooking oils (because you want to preserve all of the nutritional benefits and flavour), you can drizzle it over fish, salads, pasta and vegetables before serving or add it to a smoothie for a powerful way to start the day. You can also use it in baking. There are some great recipes to try or you can experiment on your own.

What is so great about these oils is that by incorporating them into your lifestyle, you are helping to improve and maintain your heart health, healthy cholesterol levels, brain development and function, joint mobility, energy and endurance, healthy blood sugar levels and skin, hair and nail health.

Let's see your butter do all of that!

Currently, there are 3 oils to try - Heart Shape Flax Oil, Heart Shape Flax & Sunflower Oil and Flax, Olive & Sunflower Oil.

I enjoy the fresh nutty flavour of these flax oils and I think you will too. Just imagine how good you'll feel and how healthy you'll be.

It's a little thing, but really, it's a big thing, isn't it? More energy, softer skin and a healthier heart to name just a few benefits!

I think you'll see it's worth the change from butter or regular oil to Shape Foods Heart Shape Flax Oils.

Stephanie Dickison

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