Lulalu's Hapeez Products Help Keep Me Organized!

I am leaving for New York on Monday (don't worry, I'll still be posting!) and I have a ton of stuff that I still have to do.

Not to mention that I'm doing the last edit on my book, going out of town to a friend's new house and gathering together birthday stuff to give to my wonderful friend while I'm in NYC.

Then there's all of those piddly things like figuring out what to pack, making sure I've got everything I need, seeing to it that my fella has enough to eat (should I stock the freezer with homemade dinners or just assume that he'll be having pizza every night I'm away?).

Sigh. I need to make a list - a long, long list or perhaps many lists. And I need to organize all of the little pieces of paper around me.

That's where Lulalu comes in.

Their debut line of Happeez products includes chic frames, notepads and clips that grip to stainless steel refrigerators, mirrors, glass and much more.

That means that I can clip necessary papers, bills and to dos on the fridge, on my magnetic board atop my desk and even on the bathroom mirror if I need to leave my fella a note!

I clipped my itinerary and packing list together with a Happeez Clipper. Then I clipped all my little notes and papers in another one. What I like about the Clipper is that it holds strong to metal and mirrored surfaces without leaving any residue. It makes a loud "click" when you open and close it, which I find awfully reassuring - like my papers are in the most capable hands.

They come in such fun colours and styles and are smooth to the touch and large so that you can grab it easily to take out or add items.

For organizing all of my thoughts, I'm using the Happeez Notepad, which with its fun top border, makes whatever you are writing a little more exciting than on the back of an envelope like you'd usually do.

To keep my photos secure and beautifully framed, I've got my Happeez Mini Photo Frame and regular size Photo Frame to keep my memories close on hand.

What I like so much about the frames is that not only are they incredibly strong, but they are covered in beautiful fabrics in all sorts of styles and colours. What a nice change from those plain plastic ones!

Lulalu makes really fun, usable and stylish products to help keep your stuff where you want - and need - it to be.

And why, even if it's just a clip to hold together recipes clipped out of magazines or a frame to go around that picture of you and your Mom, would you want something plain and ordinary?

Me, I'm going for stylish all the way with Lulalu!

Stephanie Dickison

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