Le Patissier by Prairie Dog Has Towels That Look Just Like Cake!

Okay, so Le Patissier by Prairie Dog actually makes cakes out of towels.

I know that it sounds weird, but just trust me on this - they are fanfreakintastic!

They look like the real thing - it's not until you get up close to them that you see that they are towels.

The soft 100% cotton towels are rolled and swirled in different combinations to resemble layers of cakes, sundaes and other goodies. The fruit toppings can be used as magnetic memo holders or cellular phone straps.

And each item is individually hand-made!

What I think makes them look so authentic is that they put them in plastic sundae and tinfoil muffin cups so that the look is complete and well, very deceiving - and delicious!

These have taken Asia by storm and now you can join in on the fun - using them as great gifts or as a little something special in your guest bathroom.

You can get a whole cake, just a slice or perhaps a sundae or holiday treat.

I got the Roll Cut Chocolate Cake which is great fun and very hard to resist biting into! This cocoa treat is sure to delight the chocolate lovers you know.

The Melon Marble Parfait is an elegant dish and the Strawberry Cake is the perfect way to end a meal - I mean, bath!

These fascinating treats are originally from Japan, but now Le Patissier has an office in California.

So flip through their online catalogue and then email them to place your order!

Cake will never look the same...

Stephanie Dickison

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