Eat Like a Kid with LuvyDuvy Corporation's Freeze-Dried Ice Cream!

In our daily adult lives, we seem to take things very seriously.

We're rushing to the office, trying to cut calories and eat healthfully, see our friends and family yet nourish our creative sides. We desperately stress about whether we should spend the next hour working or exercising. We take our work to the dinner table, while barely looking at the meal before us.

We fall into bed exhausted, only to start the whole cycle over again the following day.

Well I say it's time to start acting like a kid!

And the best way to do that is indulge is a sticky, fun treat like LuvyDuvy Corporation's Freeze-Dried Ice Cream and Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream Sandwich.

Originally developed for the early Apollo Missions, these space treats are frozen to -40 F and then vacuum dried and placed in a special polyfoil pouch.

What's great about these is that they are made from REAL ice cream, are ready to eat, yet no refrigeration is needed, so you can eat them anywhere and anytime that you get that ice cream craving.

I think they taste like the real thing, except not cold.

I indulged in yummy Fruit Flavoured Gummi Space Shuttles as well.

I couldn't help myself.

And for once, I ate without checking the calorie count or ingredients and just enjoyed treats like a kid.

And boy does that feel great!

Next, I'm taking up hopscotch and jumping rope...

Stephanie Dickison

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