Sanre Organic Skinfood Gives You Beautiful Skin - Naturally!

Your skin is your largest organ, so why not put into it only the very best natural and organic ingredients?

This is what the mother and daughter team behind Sanre Organic Skinfood set out to do.

The fruits, vegetables, herbs and oils in their products contain no chemicals, pesticides, fumigants or herbicides and each Sanre item has no artificial colours, preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, parabens or soldium laureth sulfate. All of their ingreidents are 100% organic.

And not only are they good for your skin, but they feel good going on too. They are rich, creamy and silky and left my skin glowing right after each application.

Supple Sunshine (anti-aging and hydrating day cream for dry/norm) smells like lavender, rosemary and sunshine (how do they do that?!) and got to work on my ruddy skin and plumped it up a little to make me seem less tired and somehow more rejuvenated. I looked "healthy," people kept saying.

I absolutely love the smell of Lavender Dream (antioxidant and firming night cream for dry/norm). I could smell that all day (and night) and not tire of it. So you can imagine how nice it was to go to bed with this stuff slathered on my face! Each morning I awoke to the most restful face greeting me in the mirror. It was like it was a more relaxed version of myself - my lines and wrinkles looked less obvious and my complexion was brighter and I had a glow that had nothing to do with the healthy dinner I'd consumed the night before.

I used up the whole jar of Eye Candy (day eye cream, SPF 30), which I swear made me look not just more alert, but a little younger too!

So feed your skin with only goodness with Sanre Organic Skinfood. You'll see a difference right away and somehow, that relaxed, rejuvenated look that your skin suddenly has will make its way over to the rest of your body and soul.

It does the body good, indeed.

Stephanie Dickison

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