The New Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet by Waterpik Makes Me Smile!

My fella is a pretty good flosser. He has straight, tight teeth and he gets in there, removing all sorts of remains of the day.

Me, my teeth are way too wonky, too close together. I have tried in vain to floss, but each time, the string breaks off between my teeth, giving me a shivery, uncomfortable feeling like having a string of celery or corn stuck back there.

That's why I was so excited about the New Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet by Waterpik.

It's fierce pulse allows me the same advantages of flossing, all with the power of water - no strings attached!

This Waterpik has been clinically proven to reduce gingivitis and improve gum heath, as well as remove bacteria deep between the teeth and below the gumline. In fact, it is 93% more effect than floss!

This is fantastic for me, a restaurant reviewer, who at one sitting can have a pulled pork sandwich, 10 oz. steak and other gnarly in-between-the-teeth items like spinach, bacon, shrimp and the like.

And it comes with a guarantee - you'll see results in healthier gum in just 14 days! And indeed I did.

In fact, the massage and stimulation of my gums, while at first was a little intense, became a part of the day I looked forward to. It was like going to a car wash - I knew whatever grime had been left behind would be gone in mere moments. And that intensity I was talking about - there is a low and high setting, so you can work your way up to the high. I do have sensitive gums, so starting on the low was a great introduction to the system.

And the other great feature is that the tip (4 tips are included - new orthodontic tip for braces, standard jet tip, pik pocket tip and a tongue cleaner!) rotates 360 degrees to reach all areas of your mouth. Which, for a girl like me whose teeth are crammed in tight, is fabulous because I can get into all of those tight, dark places whereas before with my fingers wrapped around floss, well, there just was no way to get in there.

I love that this is a cordless model, so I can move about without having to worry about yanking the cord too far. And it's got a non-grip slip on the handle so you can hold onto it even if your hands are wet and it won't slip. As well, you can fill the water resevoir without removing it, which is a nice feature indeed.

It's rechargable, so you don't have to worry about keeping a ton of batteries on hand, and this way it takes up way less space on the counter. In fact, we don't even have a bathroom counter, just two little spots on the sink - one for the soap and now one for the Water Jet. Phew!

I gave up on floss a long time ago, but the New Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet by Waterpik makes me smile.

A little wider now that my teeth are so clean, though there still may be the occasional spinach or parsley piece.

It's just part of the job.

Stephanie Dickison

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