My New Favourite Bag Is flip & tumble's 24-7 Bag! It Is Incredible!

Mmm. I have finally found a bag that does it all!

flip & tumble's 24-7 Bag:

- is compact and incredibly lightweight (it scrunches into the tiniest little ball, which means you can toss it into your purse and always have another bag on hand without having to try and remember one before leaving the house and it won't cause a shoulder dent from being heavy)

- can hold its own (it holds up to 25 pounds and it's big enough to hold 2-liter soda bottles, so you can actually use it and not worry about it breaking from the weight). I proved that today with my loot from 6 stores and 3 different parts of town over a course of 4 hours - my 24-7 held it all!

- is sooooo smartly designed (it comes in a whack of nice colours, has long straps - so many have these ones that barely fit over your shoulder, so you come home with red marks in your armpits. nice) - and there's a nice little felt reinforcement on the shoulder part so that you have a little extra padding for those weightier items.

- has no nasty zippers to get caught on your nice purse's interior - you just scrunch it up and ball it into it's own pouch. It's fantastic!

- is darned pretty AND useful.

Where has this been all of my life, and I think I'll get 10 to start. Imagine all the possibilities and uses.

It's seriously one of the best bags I've ever come across.

Sure, it can't compete with all of my lovely purses, but my purses can't hold 3 big bottles of soda either...

Stephanie Dickison

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