The MotivAider Helps You Reach Your Goals!

Having trouble getting motivated? I find that until September rolls around and that old going back-to-school mentality kicks in (despite having finished school over a decade ago, I still mark the year by the school calendar), I muddle through things until the cooler weather and back-to school supplies begin.

And I know I'm not the only one struggling with prioritizing all the demands of the day. My friend Wayne has been "cleaning up his room" for 2 decades now. My friend Heather gets her work done, but no matter how carefully she schedules herself, she is always scrambling.

Sometimes you need a little push, a little outside help to get things done. I mean, we throw a party and all of a sudden, the house is sparkling, organized and better in every way possible than before. And all it took was the neighbours coming over for drinks!

So I recently enlisted the help of The MotivAider.

Although it sounds like a Arnold Schwarzenegger cast off, it actually looks and feels like a pager.

The idea is that you set out to do a task, something that you need to do, but are procrastinating or simply can't find the time for. You set the Motivator to alert you as often as you like - like every 5 minutes, half hour, hour or every 12 if you like. It can go up to 23 hours, 59 minutes. You set it to alert you to do that task and eventually the beeping and reminding will get to you and if nothing else, you'll get it done just so you don't have to listen to it any longer!

People are motivated by either pain or pleasure. This can work for both types of folks. Either painful (that damn beeping) or pleasure - set it for specific time allotments so that in that time, you will focus on and do nothing else except the task at hand. This is fantastic for getting multitaskers out of the habit and for allowing yourself dedicated time to get the things you need done most, without distraction or interruption.

That's why I think The MotivAider is such a great tool. It works for both types of people - those who are organized, yet frenzied and for those who just can't get motivated to do those things that have to be done, but aren't as enjoyable as watching a movie, surfing online or being out in the garden.

I am using both ways - to set aside time to plan and reach my goals and for doing the rote things that alwys end up on the bottom of my to do list because there are 10 other things I'd rather be doing.

Sometimes it's too hard to do everything on your own. And it's okay to call in a little extra help.

One that beeps and beeps until you get it done.

Stephanie Dickison

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