A Little Something Should Be Called Everything You've Ever Wanted!

Ahhh, purses.
Really, this is my girliest indulgence. I forgo chick lit, wearing much makeup and getting manis/pedis, but purses are my big love.

I think it's all the possibilities that they offer, not just stylistically, but that they'll magically make me more organized and together, despite my wonky hair, tilted glasses and coffee stain right in the middle of my pencil skirt.

And the selection (as well as the affordable prices) at A Little Something has me swooning all over the place.

I spend a lot of the time dreaming about which purse I'd use with which outfit to go to which event. My title of serious journalist is going to be called into question if I keep this up...

But then the purses arrive and I am swooning all over again.

My fella hears my "Oooohhhh!" from his desk and he knows that it's got to be either pretty purses or thick, good quality stationery (They both elicit feelings of such immense joy that my fella knows that I may need to be left alone to really look at and feel the merch).

I hold up 4 large, lovely bags and he goes back to work. He just doesn't understand this kind of joy - until the latest Archos comes out or he finds some new accessory for his tablet...

So I go off and spend some time with my new purses. I want to know everything about them.

The Luxor Passion is believe it or not, only my 2nd white purse - and I never used the first one, so I gave it away.

But this one I've been using ever since it first arrived! I love the criss-cross polka-dot body and white patent leather look. The front vertical zip pocket is a nice touch and is completed by 2 studded hearts and a braided tail. It's so easy to get in and out of and though it come with 2 cellphone/multi-function pockets on the interior, I've been putting my smartphone in this front pocket for easy access and now I can actually hear it ring! Fantastic!

This incredibly light purse zips at the top, yet has a tabbed pull, so you can access your wallet, phone and essentials easily and more importantly, quickly!

I am going to be using this loooong after Labour Day, let me tell you. White rules be damned!

The Amelia Versa-Bag, however, is my step towards something a little funkier, a little unexpected.

First of all, I usually shy away from red when it comes to clothes and accessories, but I wanted something that would pop against my usual black jackets and shoes. I wanted something a little edgier.

For some reason, it reminds me of a Brooklyn subway car and that makes me really, really happy. It seems like the perfect bag for getting around from Brooklyn to Manhattan, for being able to hold everything you could possibly need in a day's journey (This is why purses, bags and totes give me hope).

I love the detachable, adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry and wear it however you want to - whether you're catching a flight or picking up ingredients for dinner at the market. A nice added touch are the 2 side fasteners that allow the bag to collapse and thus, gives you more space, should you not be able to resist that 2-for-1 shoe sale or want to stuff your gym gear in it to take them home to wash.

There are 4 ouside pockets with zippers and 3 nicely trimmed ones inside, one of which is huge and zippered. It seems huge empty and it is, but I think in just a week or so, you'll have figured out a way to fill it to the brim.

This is going to be one of those bags that becomes as necessary as your lucky necklace and morning cup of Mountain Range coffee.

And its mad style will get noticed wherever you go - finally!

The Amelia Sunshine is one of those bags that you can use all day, every day and it works with whatever the situation and whatever the outfit.

That's what I love about big silver bags - they look good no matter what. And the Amelia Sunshine is no exception.

This bag does it all - need something to carry all the stuff you've picked up on your way home from work? No problem. Want to bring a sweater and a book to meet a friend before the movie? Easy peasy. And if you just want to use it to keep your cell phone, iPod, wallet, change purse, cosmetics case, sunglasses, hairbrush, notebook, pencil case and handcream, that's okay too.

I absolutely adore the 2 small coin pockets that float on the front from the thick handles. It makes getting tokens out or grabbing your keys so effortless. I also like the metal-like detailing at the bottom and feminine floral lining inside. Nice juxtaposition!

The large bag has a zip-top closure with cross snap, which means you can make the opening and sides bigger or smaller. This makes it completely personalized to you and your needs. Which means it's great as a carryon or simply a chic bag for a night out on the town. Perfect!

And while I simply cannot single out any bag as my favourite, I do love the luxury of the Madonna Traveler.

It is one of those bags that women ooh and ahh over because of the luscious gold weave, the handsome and intricate detailing (read: it looks so expensive!) and the dual chain-linked tassels and braided handles add a little bit of sex appeal and keep it from looking too stuffy.

Ther is a subtle gold fabric lining and inside pockets like the bags above. But what I love so much about this bag is not only the ample room inside but the soft look and feel that makes you feel like you're carrying around a $600 bag instead of a mere $65.

Oh, did I mention that A Little Something has a ton more designs to choose from and that these bags come in different styles and colours?

Breathe, girl, breathe.

And just know that you are going to have a smashing purse - or perhaps a handful - soon.

That feels better, doesn't it?

And just wait until you see 'em.


Stephanie Dickison

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