I Love Danskin's Fall Collection! There's So Much to Choose From!

I have worn Danskin Fitness, Dance and Yoga Apparel for as long as I can remember.
Long before Lululemon, Artizia and the like came along, Danskin was kickin' it, in terms of style and comfort.

And after all these years, they're still rolling out amazing styles for the modern woman - whether she's walking the dog, jogging on the beach or taking a dance, pilates or yoga class!

I am thrilled with their Prima line which is incredibly feminine - their tops can be worn with jeans or shorts, so you don't have to same them for the studio!

I got the beautiful Women's Burnout Print Wide Strap Tank Top. It comes in two colours and has a lovely light feel and flowy shape, allowing you room to breathe AND look good! Isn't that exactly what you're looking for in your workout gear? It has comfy wide straps and I love the see-thru burned design - tres sexy.

The same goes for the Women's Core Cotton V-Neck Tank Top. It is beautful and can be worn as everyday gear. The colour blocking on it is fantastic - I got it in Waterfall/Mystic (what lovely names!) - and even has a stylish back view. This top comes with a stretch bra lining, so you can really move around it, yet it is fitted, so it looks great, and I think slims the torso a little.

Hey, I'll take all the help I can get!

In the same colour, I got the New Women's Cotton Modal Stretch French Terry Below the Knee Pant that is so much fun! I've never seen anything like them! They are slightly 80s, yet very of-the-moment at the same time.

What makes them so much fun is that they are roomy and allow for a lot of flexibility! And the detailing is fabulous - I love the use of strong lines and deep pockets. These are perfect for late night walks or grocery shopping. In fact, they are so comfy, you may just end up using them around the house (but it'd be a shame not to let them outside and show them off)!

For working out, I love the sexy New Women's Micro Essentials Racer Back Tank Top! It has a lot of great features - a comfort stretch bra lining, rusched sides and back and racer back for showing off those yoga shoulders! It comes in 3 colours, but of course I got it in my new favourite colour, Waterfall!

To match up with these beautiful tops, I got the Women's Core Cotton Capri Pant, which has a wide waistband, coverstich detailing and gusset to give you maximum flexibility and comfort. For a longer pant, I am loving the New Women's Micro Essentials Pinched Waist Straight Leg Pant, which has a pinched waist and slim fit, making them the perfect "every occasion" pant. They are crazy comfortable and dry quickly - what more could you ask for?

For higher performance gear for all of your triatheletes, weight trainers and people who are out bike riding and running before I've even got up to grab a shower, I highly recommend the New Women's X-Training Aerosilver V-Neck Tank Top and New Women's X-Training Aerosilver Black Spandex Bootleg Pant, which will stand up to your sweat, unflinching crunches and lunges and miles long hikes, bikes and runs.

Of course, if you're just a regular Joe like me, you can still wear 'em. After all, they make you look like an athlete, whether you are one or not.

See all of the reasons to love Danskin? And this is just a mere sprinkling of what they have to offer. I think you should check out the rest of their stuff. You won't believe the new designs. In fact, there's this hoodie that I really want....

Stephanie Dickison

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