Cake's New Better Bod Rub is Sooo Luxurious!

I love a great body cream. One that you can smear on after your shower and it will deliver moisture all day long!

Cake's New Better Bod Rub Citrus Squeeze is just that and so much more!

Not only does it moisturize, but it improves your skin's appearance and texture and even goes to work on your cellulite, swelling and keeping stretch marks at bay!!

It does all of that thanks to a patented soy protein, Liftensyl, horse chesnut (not made from horses, don't worry!), caffeine and shea butter.

So now you can moisturize and without any extra effort on your part, getting your body in better shape!

So why use an ordinary cream when you can get one that does all this?

The Citrus Squeeze scent is so refreshing and energizing, you’ll be hooked on it - I definitely am! And for those of you who want something a sweeter scent, there’s Cake’s Better Bod Rob Sweet Cheeks.

Either way, you should get your hands on this stuff and start revolutionizing your skin without having to lift a finger!

Stephanie Dickison

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