Soft, Smooth Skin Can Be Had Naturally and Organically with Biologika Skin Care

Biologika (French for organic) is a certified organic, ph-balanced skincare line from France that is now available those of us in North America!

Their skincare line is 100% natural and up to 96% organic. There are no genetically modified ingredients, parabens, phthalates or chemicals. And they do not test on animals, so you can use them and know that you are indeed getting true, natural ingredients.

I tried Bioserum Marie which is a combination of organic Thistle Milk extract and first cold-pressed organic Borage Oil.

It is extremely thin and liquidy for a serum, but sinks in fast and smells great, thanks to Patchouli Essential Oil and Vanilla Extract. It immediately leaves your skin silky with a glow that lasts all day. I felt that my face looked plumper and renewed upon application.

And La Crème D’Argan was equally as exciting to try! Using first cold-pressed Argan Oil (you’re going to be reading about this ingredient a lot in the next couple of years) with organic sesame seed oil. It is especially made for sensitive and dry skin, so go ahead and smother it on!

This thin cream moistens your skin with the addition of Ginseng Extract and also has Patchouli and Vanilla for a great, not-too-sweet fragrance.

For really hydrating your skin, get Crème de Corps Body Lotion. It too is thin, but goes to work moisturizing your skin right away. Its light scent won’t mask your perfume, but will leave you feeling clean and fresh!

I like the unique metal bottles and pump action so that you can control how much lotion you want to use. And all of their products are made in batches, sometimes as small as 300 bottles, so you can be assured that you are getting the very best, freshest product possible.

I think that putting ingredients onto your skin and into your body that you can pronounce and feel good about is important.

After all, you get just this one body. You might as well treat it right.

Stephanie Dickison

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