She’s SO Creative Greeting Cards Are Funny and Completely Original!

I have a lot of beautiful cards on hand to write notes to friends afar and neighbours who leave me cookies and goodies on my doorstep.

But rarely do I come across truly funny, odd ones like the line from She’s SO Creative, created by Stephanie Orma (the SO in She’s SO Creative).

According to the website, “Stephanie loves playing with words and images and seeing how far she can stretch the literal. Her ideas and inspiration come from everywhere, everybody and everything, so be forewarned – the next conversation you have with her could end up on a greeting card.”

I love the “Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Me, Young Lady,” where a little girl is actually rolling her eyes at her Mom’s feet. And the lady holding the umbrella over her dachshund with “Walking in the Rain with the One You Love” Valentine’s Day card gets me every time.

The funniest one is a police lineup of various kitchen knives titled, “Who Cut the Cheese?” for Father’s Day. And just for fun, I like “French Chicks,” where smoking, beret-wearing yellow chicks are hanging out, drinking wine and café lattes at Café Le Egg.

It’s certainly a specific type of humour, but I think one that is badly needed in this day and age. And I am grateful to Stephanie for having come up with a truly original way of thinking and a line of cards that are colourful and simply drawn by hand, yet stay in your mind for long after the card has been sent.

There are cards for birthday, holiday, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, love, travel, get well, inspiration and “even new puppy greeting cards.” Awww!

You can also buy note cards in boxed sets if you wish.

Each card is printed on premium quality natural stock and comes with a matching envelope.

If you want to send a card that is original and different, send a She’s SO Creative card.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Stephanie Dickison

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