Refreshing and Tasty Sweet Leaf Tea Offers Relief on Yet Another Sweltering Summer Day!

Boy is it hot! Just when you think it’s about as hot as it’s going to get, it goes and gets just a little bit hotter.

The kind of hot where trickles of sweat runs down your legs, breasts and back. When you are constantly mopping your brow, heavily sighing with and looking for cooling relief in the form of something refreshing to drink.

Sweet Leaf Tea to the rescue!

They make a ton of great cold teas and lemonades to keep you cool and hydrated throughout the day!

I love that they offer teas that I haven’t seen from other companies, like Unsweetened Tea, Lemon & Lime Tea, Mint & Honey Green Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea, their Half and Half (half tea, half lemonade) and Cherry Limeade for a great pucker-upper!

They have regular teas and lemonades in addition to those listed above, as well as diet versions, which is fantabulous!

All of the Sweet Leaf Teas taste like quality, homemade drinks that should be enjoyed on a front porch or outback at a picnic table with friends and family and lots of chicken, potato salad and cornbread!

There are no preservations or juice, just filtered water, premium blend of black tea, green tea (or lemonade or both), natural flavours and sweeteners or sugar. They are delicious, refreshing and though full of flavour, surprisingly light (unlike those other cold teas).

If you want something that will taste great and leave you hankerin' for yer Grandma, then get yourself some Sweet Leaf Tea!

You’ll be so glad you did.

Sweat trickles be gone!

Stephanie Dickison

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