Jennifer Kries Workouts Will Get You Into ShipShape – And Fast!

I imagine that you are pretty fit. You probably drink a lot of water, watch what you eat and work out about 3 times a week.

Even thought I am a Certified Fitness Instructor, I do everything but the working out. I used to work out every other day, but somehow with the freelance writing life, the gym became too inconvenient so now I walk every day and wish that a gym will miraculously appear in the basement.

In the meantime, I am creating one at home with the help of Jennifer Kries various workout series, as well as some others.

I got her DVDs awhile ago, but frankly, it’s taken me this long to get through them because these are not ordinary workout DVDs. Jennifer Kries is a masterful dancer, choreographer, Pilates master teacher, yoga “devotee” and instructor and there is a lot to learn right of the bat. There is Chi-Gong, the 5 Tibetans, Makko-Ho’s, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Breathing, Cardio-Jazz, Dance and Ballet. And she moves quickly on some things, so you’ve got to keep up. Either that or stop the tape.

What I really like are her introductions on each DVD. She makes each practice sound so fantastic, so life-changing that you can’t help but follow her along.

Even if you have the shaky arms, staccato breaths in and out and only wish your head could reach your down to your feet like me.

Jennifer has what she calls The Life Force Power Workout which combines “Powerful Waking Energy Exercises with Pilates, Yoga and Dance.” This philosophy and practice is found in HotBody CoolMind Level 1 and HotBody CoolMind Eaking Energy.

I like that there’s a lot of variety, but man did I find it challenging at first. There is a lot to learn and as I said, she can go pretty quickly. However, if you don’t give up, it get’s easier as you go along.

I found Jennifer’s Yin Yoga and New Body! Pilates DVDS to just be as challenging, but in different ways.

There is a lot of holding breaths and poses for longer than I can handle. My friend Allana, however, was able to hold them for each time (even the 10 minute ones!), so it all depends on your fitness level. However, I now have something to work towards, which is not how most exercise DVDs work. In each DVD, you can navigate to different parts and sections, depending upon your mood or level.

Jennifer may be a little advanced for me, but she is incredibly qualified and informed and does instruct you as you go along. I love when she takes the time to explain the practice and methodology behind the moves. I find her voice very easy to listen to and follow.

There will be some of you that will be able to do everything she does as quickly as she does, but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to need a little extra time with Jennifer to get up to speed.

With the New Body! Pilates and HotBody CoolMind Waking Energy DVDs, there are sections where you’ll need to buy or borrow a Magic Circle (a pilates tool), small weights and a yoga and/or pilates mat.

These DVDs are not expensive and you can do them in your own space on your own time.

And while there are many exercise, yoga and pilates programs out there, I really do believe that Jennifer Kries is one of the best. I think she knows what to do to make your body look good while aligning and caring for what’s going on inside as well.

Let’s see your Crunch workout do that.

I’m going to continue to follow along and do as much as I can that Jennifer does. I know that it will be hard at first, but I truly believe that it will be worth it.

And I’ll have a kickass body and peaceful mind to show for it!

Stephanie Dickison

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