FHI Heat Brushes Make My Hair Look Fabulous!

I have the wonkiest hair – straight, wavy, and curly all at once, all over the place.

The only way to really control my hair is to slick it back into a ponytail while it’s still wet, or blow dry it. That way, it doesn’t scare people and I have some semblance of style.

What has really helped my hair look fabulous (except for today, a monsoon of a rainy day, where nothing can help it except staying indoors) is the new series of professional styling tools from FHI Heat.

This new series of lightweight FHI Heat Professional Brushes comes in three designs—Paddle, Cushion and Round – and two sizes.

I tried one of each to see what worked best with my hair.

What’s exciting about these black and red (tres haute!) brushes is that they have”groundbreaking Nano-Fuzeion technology.”

What that means is, “The patented fabrication process employs tourmaline, which creates negative ions. The negative ionization seals the hair cuticle, especially in the presence of heat, locking moisture into the follicle and resulting in strong, supple, glossy hair.”

So every time you blow dry and brush, you’re getting a conditioning treatment! These brushes restore your hair to a brilliant shine, while allowing you to properly dry every strand.

Each brush has vents to allow air through, a comfortable handle and are anti-bacterial and heat resistant. The brushes are only $19.99 and can be found in hair salons and beauty stores nationwide, including ULTA locations.

For blow-drying, the Paddle and Round brushes are best, while the Cushion brush finishes your style. Using the round brush, I get a wicked 1940’s look going with my curls and waves, but yet I achieve a much more polished look than I could get on my own. The cushion brush is a great all-purpose brush for me, but I have to say, I’m in love with the big paddle brush. It only takes 4 strokes to brush my whole head, the surface area of the brush is so big (but thank goodness it’s not too heavy, like the ones I’ve picked up at the drugstore and beauty supply)!

I love that I can now get a salon quality look at home without having to know all of the tricks of hair professionals.

I still have my crazy hair, but honestly, it’s not so crazy any more!

Stephanie Dickison

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