Book List # 9 - More Books to Love and Cherish!

The Book List continues… and this time round, it’s all about writing, Japanese School Girls and bunnies! I think it’s a fun one.


p.s. I just got in a whole bunch of new exciting titles, so be on the lookout for my latest reviews!!

Writers Workshop in a Book: The Squaw Valley Community of Writers on the Art of Fiction
Edited by Alan Cheuse and Lisa Alvarez
Introduction by Richard Ford

Richard Ford is one of those writers that makes is seem so simple, so easy but what he creates is sheer genius.

That’s what a good writer does and the lessons in this collection are a wonderful way to learn about approaching writing or just finding out how the good ones go about their work.

The sections are straight ahead – “How and to Write a Novel,” “Structure,” and “Fear of Finishing,” but the contributors are so varied in their work that no matter where you are in writing (even if you haven’t written a word, but compose in your head all of the time), this is a rich experience that you just don’t want to miss.

Pretty in Punk: 25 Punk, Rock and Goth Knitting Projects
Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles

Ever since Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi,” it’s been cool to be a little bit punk. I mean, even I have a pink skull on my smart phone.

So I was pretty excited by this book, despite not being able to knit.

The projects are so cool - The Swindle: Boxy Striped Jumper, Death or Glory: Wrist Warmers with Skull-and-Crossbones Design and Rockabilly Riot: Clutch Bag with Hound’s Tooth Pattern, to name just a few.

Each pattern has a list of materials, gauge, finished measurements, as well as skills and methods needed.

According to the book, it looks like even a novice like me can handle making the Ska Scarf: Horizontal Multistriped Garter-Stitch Scarf.

Rock on!

New Orleans Noir
Edited by Julie Smith

This is a collection of stories about New Orleans by a great group of writers including Christine Wiltz, David Fulmer and Maureen Tan.

A portion of the profits from the book will be donated to the New Orleans Public Library and K.A.R.E.S., a relief program sponsored by the New Orleans Literary Institute that awards grants to writers affected by Hurricane Katrina.

How many more reasons do you need?

Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook
Patrick Macias and Izumi Evers

Contained within are photos, descriptions and even explanations for the many wonky looks of Japanese schoolgirls. The tanned faces and white eye makeup, the Goth outfits and platform boots – it’s so wild!

The book has a lot of photos and even the equipment you’ll need should you follow in these ladies shoes.

It’s hard to decide which look I like the best.

The ones with leg warmers, I think.

However, I’m sticking with my head-to-toe black shirts and tops. It might not be over the top, but that’s what I call home.

The Bunny Book: How to Walk, Talk, Tease and Please Like a Playboy Bunny
Chronicle Books

Okay, first of all, you CANNOT take this book seriously. It’s supposed to be a joke.

Or at least I think it is.

But then I got into reading the stimulation section and what bunny likes what…


Basically it’s preposterous fun for anyone who is curious about Playboy Bunnies – what they think, what they do, what they’re doing to fight the global injustice and George Bush’s role in the oil crisis.

I’m just kidding about that last one.

I’ve got to say though – they may give you tips about walking and talking, but it’s the sex stuff that’s going to capture your attention.

The mouths on these babes – it’s quite something.

So have a read and a laugh and maybe, just maybe, you’ll sashay and sway your way into the room from now on.

And not for anyone else but yourself.

Now there's an idea I can get behind.

Stephanie Dickison

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