Boatman Geller Stationery & Paper Collections Makes Me Smile & Giggle!

As you know, I am stationeryaholic, and in all my time searching and collecting cards, note pads, etc, it’s not often that I come across such a completely fun line like Boatman Geller.

I love how colour-filled and playful their products are. I had such fun choosing from their vast collection of fine stationery, birth announcements, invitations, photo cards, holiday, mens, note pads, stickers, luggage tags, wine tags and more!

Look at what I picked:

Zebra Green Address Labels

Large and of incredible quality, these address labels are fun and classic all at once! I love that the font matches the brown line along the side of the zebra print. And somehow, the apple green stripe makes it very fresh and summery to me. So for all those who get mailings from me, be sure to look at my lovely new address labels. I think you’re going to want to get a case of these for yourself!

And continuing in the personalized category:

Blossom Black Foldover Notes

These are a wonderful way to express your thoughts. Mine say “Stephanie” in the middle of the dramatic black-and-white pattern and I’ve written everything from condolence thoughts and wishes to simple “thinking of you” notes to friends far away. They are a wonderful way to keep in touch in a very personal way.

You can buy this set in different quantities – 25, 50, 75, 100.

Alligator Blue Calling Cards

How cute are these? Oh my, I just couldn’t help myself. I love that little guy with his mouth open! These simply ROCK! You get 50 per pack so you can hand ‘em out and not have to worry about running short. Though these are too cute to keep to yourself, dontcha think? Of course you could get something more sophisticated like Damask Blue or Toile Black, but I’m happy with my little gator!

I think I’ll call him Terrence.

Wellies Note Pad

Why go through life jotting down things to remember on a plain ol’ white pad when you can do it in style with this one? Oh, it’s so preppy and fun and girly. It was too hard to resist, though I did have my eye on that Lobster.

You get 2 pads of 75 sheets each. That’s a lot of phone numbers or lists of things you want to do over the summer. Maybe you should get a couple more... I think you’re going to need them!

In the Kitchen Correspondence Cards

Mmm. These cards are simply scrumptious! 25 large 7 x 5 flat cards are accented with tools of the trade – oven mitts, salt and pepper shakers, utensils, plates, rolling pin – in beautiful shades of green and blue. You know these aren’t going to last long in my correspondence drawer. I’m sending these out to everyone!

You can also buy this design in 50, 75 and 100 card sets.

The Mimi Collection Blossom Box Set

Oh so pretty! This box of 20 flat cards and white envelopes is such an elegant way to send a note. The little pink blossom on a brown branch is just so sweet – whomever you send these to will be delighted! And the box is so lovely that you can use it for other things afterwards.

And just when you thought all Boatman Geller does is stationery, get a load of these!

Monkey Luggage Tags

Aren't these a nice change from those paper ones that are still attached to your luggage, courtesy of the last airline that you flew with?

There are 2 thick, laminated plastic tags per pack that will hold up no matter how bumpy the ride. And just think – you’ll be able to tell your bag from all the other black bags on the conveyor belt because you’ll see your smiling monkey hanging from a vine on these lemony tags a mile away!

Sigh. Isn’t this stuff amazing?!? I absolutely love everything that they do. I am still swooning over the selection of items they carry. And everything seems to have such a sense of fun, something you don’t see often in the larger stationery companies.

This is a very tiny, tiny sampling of what Boatman Geller does. You should check the whole site to see all of the designs and collections available.

I think you might just fall in love like I did. Maybe it’ll be an alligator or monkey that captures your heart or perhaps it’ll be a pattern and card that you have been looking for your whole life.

Stephanie Dickison

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