5 Fun Things on a Way Too Hot Summer Saturday!

It’s so hot out. Too hot to do much of anything. I have a pile of work beside that has to be done for Monday, so I thought maybe you could use a little distraction as well.

Here are 5 fun things that you can do while waiting for the air conditioner to do its thing or until the pizza arrives.

You didn’t think I was going to cook in this heat, did you?

Happy Saturday and Warmest Wishes!


Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor – the knack

Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You
By Michele Bernhardt

If you love reading your horoscope, then you’re going to get a kick out of this book.

Designed in a compact square format, each day of the year is printed with the colour suited for that birthdate.

By learning what colour you are, you can wear and surround yourself with this colour that is you and only you and perhaps become more powerful or confident or whatever it is you need to do to get what you want outta this world.

It turns out that for my birthday, October 10th, I should be investing in Dusty Pink. Michele writes that I am “analytical, intelligent, performer.”

She also writes that “Your personal colour helps you moves through any emotional indecision. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Dusty Pink helps you transform your innovative ideas into great works of art.”


I’ll let you know whether it works.

At the back of the book are 32 pages of perforated colour chips, so you can carry your colour with you, ensuring you get the right shade (Dusty Pink and not January 20th Light Mahogany).

Pretty cool.

And what a fun thing to do – instead of work!

Magnetic Poetry Family & Friends Word Stamp Kit

This neat little tin contains 84 magnetic-backed rubber stamps, a metal-plated stamp block and an acid-free ink pad that allows you to create art, poems and even greeting cards.

What is so great about this kit are the magnetized backs of the words. You lay out your phrasing and the block picks all the word stamps at once – making creating poetic pieces quick and easy!

It makes a great gift, but you can also create wonderful, personalized presents for your friends and family.

There are different versions of the kit – kids, vacation & travel, holidays & events, dates & seasons, love & romance and a deluxe edition ­– so you can get the one you’ll use the most, or collect them all and have your own little art and card making station right at home!

Just think – aren’t some of your most treasured possessions items that people have made for you?

Hey! It’s That Guy! The Fametracker.com Guide to Character Actors
Tara Ariano & Adam Sternbergh

What a fun idea for a book.

When my guy and I are watching TV or a movie, I am constantly running through some actor in the background’s past show appearances.

“He was the schoolteacher in Room 222, and he played a really mean guy on Models Inc. And remember when he killed Wesley Snipes in that movie with the nuclear bomb?”

My poor, poor fella.

Every single time we sit down to watch something, he’s gotta listen to me do the run-throughs.

Well, know I am sated thanks to this awesome book. And once you start looking through it, you’ll see all of these people whom you may have even grown up with and this whole time you didn’t even know their name.

This is a fantastic gift for anyone who spends a significant time in front of the screen (TV and/or movie) or anyone interested in the minutiae of pop culture.

Magnetic Poetry’s Word Button Set 1

I think these buttons totally rock!

And each word means something different to everyone. My Mom got a kick out of “itch” and I swooned over “beef.” Allana was enamoured with “toast” and Darren liked them all.

You get 50 buttons per pack, 5 of each word. So you can line your blue jean jacket with the words that matter most to you or share them with friends like I did.

And there are different sets to choose from.

I chose this one for its food words – beef, toast and pop.

I hope that magnetic poetry keeps these coming. I’ve got a lot of bags and jackets that could use fun buttons.

Magnetic Poetry Fridge Door Fortune Teller

As you can see by my list, Magnetic Poetry has been doing some really cool stuff lately.

And I think this is such a fun little item. It’s also brand new!

You put the Fridge Door Fortune Teller colour-side up on your fridge or any steel surface.

Then you ask it a question like “What should I do about my boss?”

You then turn over 4 mystical magnets to reveal the answer. Perhaps it will say “relax” or “wise.” It is up to you to interpret what that could mean.

And what answers you come up with from the magnets is actually quite revealing.

You can take it seriously or just have fun with it. That’s up to you.

But the Fridge Door Fortune Teller knows all either way!

Stephanie Dickison

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