3 Great Drink Solutions from Gentle Java, Go Appetit and Wild Hibiscus!

Coffee Too Strong For Your Stomach?

Try Gentle Java, a full-bodied coffee that won’t give you heartburn, indigestion or acid reflux and is gentle on your tummy.

This is possible due to “a unique purification process developed in Europe, and now available in the United States.” What that means to you is that all of the usual irritants found in regular coffee have been removed, while retaining all of the smell, taste and caffeine that you want out of a good cup of joe!

It costs the same as your usual brand of coffee and yet, you will feel better and lighter drinking this one! It comes in a ton of varieties and flavours and is absolutely delicious!

So stop struggling with regular coffees if it upsets your stomach. There is one out there that won’t.

No Time to Eat?

Sometimes, no matter how well I plan a busy day, I can still manage to find it difficult to get something to eat. There have been some days where my first meal is at 3 or 4 o’clock.

But there is a solution for those of you on the go – Go Appetit Cool Soups.

Cool Soups is perfect for those wanting a healthy, fruit and vegetables packed meal or snack while on the go.

It comes in a portable 8 oz aseptic bottle with a nine month shelf life. So you can stock up and always have them at the ready. You can bring some to the car, pop one in your briefcase or gym bag or have it as your lunch with a mixed salad or sandwich.

There are 3 great-tasting flavours - Rich Vegetable Gazpacho, Creamy Mango Spice and Luscious Carrot Bisque and they are all “high in vitamins, antioxidants, low in calories and 100% natural.”

Because they are thick and filled with goodness, they are also pretty filling.

So now you can eat/drink healthily on the go for a reasonable price and with very little effort.

And you thought it couldn’t be done!

Want a Fancy Drink Without All the Fuss?

There is a ridiculously simple way to jazz up your drinks at home – Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup.

Before your next dinner party or get together, make sure you have champagne or sparkling wine on hand.

All you do is place the exquisite flower at the bottom of the glass and pour the bubbly right over it. The bubbles will look like they are coming right from inside the flower and it will slowly open up.

You can also eat the flower afterwards. Wild Hibiscus describes it as “a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavour.”

And you can do more with the flower than that. Included with your jar are recipes for other cocktails such as a Bellini, Hibiscus Daiquiri and something called a Sugar Daddy.

Buy yours now and start making drinks that wow the crowd!

Stephanie Dickison

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