10 Problem Solvers and Solutions from the knack!

Every week it seems I have something new on my list to repair, fix or tend to. It is never ending. And sometimes, it just seems to take finding the right product for the solution.

Well, I have found some items that I think will help out big time, saving you both time and energy – and maybe even money!

I will offer these lists from time to time as I think it is a valuable resource for all those little things that add up in our lives.

I hope you will write and tell me what helps you and even what problems you need solutions for - I will do my very best to seek out products that can help.

Happy Monday and I hope this list helps to make your week a little easier!

Warmest wishes,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor – the knack

Problem: Your New Heels Are Killing You
Solution: Spare Soles

You have been waiting to wear those new rose heels with the brown piping and stacked heel. And you’ve been waiting this long because they are brand new and you are bound to get blisters.

You kick up your heels on a night when you think there won’t be much walking involved. Instead, the gang decides to walk 10 blocks over to the new rooftop patio where drinks cost a ton, but the music is fan-tas-tic!

Your feet stand up okay, but after 3 hours of dancing and a walk to get a cab, it’s a different story.

You come home with open sores and vow that never again will you go through that pain.

Problem solved! Get yourself a pair (or 10!) of Spare Soles, a portable ballerina flat that rolls and folds and comes with a matching wristlet that you can keep in your bag or carry as a purse!

I got a silver pair, complete with a jeweled bow on each shoe! How cute! They have rubberized soles, so you can actually walk in them and they would be great for traveling – they take up no room at all!

These are a great find -you can finally wear the heels that look good, yet come home in complete comfort!!


Problem: Dry Skin Build Up
Solution: Renee Rouleau’s New! Micro Crystal Cream

In all the beauty books that I’ve read – and I’ve read ‘em all – there are 2 big consistencies,which I have taken to be truths.

1. Always wash your face before going to bed.
2. You cannot keep your skin being beautiful without exfoliating.

So now I am religious about washing my face before bed (even if it’s at 3 a.m.) and I exfoliate at least once a week.

One of the best skin smoothers I’ve ever used is Renee Rouleau’s New Micro Crystal Cream.

Renee has been offering women beautiful skin for over 20 years, so she knows whereof she speaks. She believes that a granular-based facial scrub (like the ones you’ve probably been using for years), made from apricots, walnuts and almonds, etc, can damage your skin! That they cause “invisible skin lacerations.” Oh my!

Her Micro Crystal Cream uses synthetically-made round beads which “roll across the skin without causing harm.”

It feels like the tiniest sand granules, working away through your dead skin and revealing new vibrant skin below.

It also reduces enlarged pores, fades brown spots and post-breakout marks and smoothes fine facial lines.

I used it for the first time a couple of evenings ago, and got up the next morning and forgot about it. My fella said that my skin was looking particularly glowing.

See? It changed my skin so much that someone else noticed! That’s when you know it’s a miracle worker!

I have loved everything I have ever tried by Renee Rouleau. For me, whatever she says goes.

Because I have seen the results and also importantly – so have others!

Problem: There is No Place to Hang Your Purse at the Restaurant
Luxe Purse Link

Don’t put your purse on the floor! You don’t know what’s down there. And you want to protect your investment right? That beautiful Betsey Johnson with the brocade leather handle and gold stud detailing does not need to get all dirty and scuffed up . How will you ever keep it looking that beautiful cream?

The Luxe Purse Link allows you to keep your bag off the floor so you can enjoy your meal!

There are different designs to choose from and they’re environmentally friendly, made only with recycled zinc alloy.

They make a great gift and a must-have for all the fabulous dining out you’re going to do this summer and fall!

Problem: You Can’t Listen to Regular Radio Because of All the Damn Commercials
Sirius Satellite Radio

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to search the internet for good radio stations, but it can be a long and arduous process. By the time you’ve found something, it’s almost like you’re not in the mood anymore.

Sirius Satellite Radio, however, is a godsend. Not only can you listen to all kinds of music stations – top 40, hip-hop, even country if that’s what you like – but there’s sports, Playboy, all-talk radio (NPR!!) and comedy channels divided into raunchy, family and urban, to mention just a few.

I like that it’s commercial-free and that you can jump around to different formats throughout the day, so you can listen to the CBC in the morning and then Howard Stern or Shade 45 , Eminem’s completely uncensored channel. And on the opposite end of the spectrum - there’s even stuff especially for kids.

I love how specialized it is – there’s Elvis Radio, Radio Margaritaville, Outlaw Country and Broadway’s Best, just to give you a small, slightly odd sampling.

Now that our television watching is so personalized, shouldn’t our radio be too?

Problem: Scuffed Shoes
Solution: TiShoe Luxury Shoe Wipes

Tishoes are pre-moistened, individually-wrapped cleaning wipes (like wetnaps for your shoes!). They can be used on leather, vinyl, and the rubber on your shoes, boots and sandals.

They remove scuffs, dirt, stains and soils without toxic chemicals! Woo woo! And instead of that awful industrial smell, Tishoes smell like bubblegum.

You can get packages of 10 or 20 for the most reasonable price and use them on other items than shoes – say purses, luggage, belts and items around the house made of those materials listed above.

So stop walking around with those nasty scuffs on your shoes. For very little money and effort, you can have them looking like new – and smelling great!

Problem: You Fridge is Lacking Personality
Solution: Greggo Magnets

Everyone I know their fridge covered in stuff. You can actually tell a lot about a person by their fridge magnets, I think.

I mean, if the guy you’re seeing has strictly pizza places and Dial-a-Bottle magnets, you may want to peek and see what’s inside the fridge.


So get magnets that really showcase your personality and style with Greggo Magnets.

Beautifully made, sturdy magnets that come in every colour and interest, you will not only transform your fridge with these puppies - you’ll transform yourself!

I love the photo Magnetic Cities - New York, Paris and London – and the breathtaking black-and-white photos of Bridges. The Magnetic Eggs are fascinating as are the Magnetic Organs and Human Skeleton.

I got Magnetic Zen, which has an array of squares with words of Gentleness, Joy, Wisdom and Heart. Now isn’t that a nice way to be greeted at the fridge?

And the Magnetic Yoga is a great way to learn all of the poses. You can put all the squares on the side of the fridge and then each morning move one to the fridge door and make that your pose for the day. Now I bet you can’t say that your current magnets help you exercise, can you?

I am crazy about the Magnetic Day of the Dead set because they are fun and colourful and make me think of how wonderful it is that some cultures celebrate death.

Currently, I am in love with my Magnetic Forest because these little creatures are a great way to bring nature indoors. And they’ve made all of the animals look so sweet that haves a skunk, porcupine and gray wolf isn’t scary in the least!

And for the totally modern look, the Magnetic Rings is the way to colour. These beautiful, brightly-coloured rings can be used as one big circle or split apart and used around your space. If your kitchen is all white like mine, this burst of colour will be a welcome sight!

There is much more to Greggo than just the magnets I’ve listed here. Check ‘em out and deck out your fridge in a style that is all you!

Problem: You Have to Go, But You’re Worried About the Smell

Okay, so we all have to go and well, sometimes you’re not at home. You don’t want any odor associated with you. What would people think?!

This is where Poo~Pourri comes in. This small spray bottle contains a creamy yellow blend of natural essential oils (bergamot, lemongreass, grapefruit) and odor neutralizer and you simply spray it into the toilet bowl 4-6 before you go, and not only with the bathroom smell wonderfully citrusy, it will neutralize any other smells, leaving you embarrassment free and completely ahem, relieved!

Problem: You Need to Wrap a Gift - Fast
Solution: Fobbie

Fobbies allow you to wrap a package quickly, yet make it look like you’ve spent all morning on it!

All you have to do is cut 2 ribbons, thread through the Fobbie slots and cinch it to the package! Voila! The packing now lives up to your heartfelt gift. There are Fobbies for All Occasions, Picture Frames, Do-It Yourself, and Holiday selections.

Just pick the Fobbie right for you and start making your presents really stand out – without all the time and effort of having to learn and then create something fancy!


Problem: Your Car Stickers Won’t Come Off
Solution: Stickershield

Car stickers that don’t come off are a problem no more!

Whether you need to apply a parking permit or a bumper sticker, apply a Sticker Shield first, and you can move it or remove it with ease. Without the sticker residue mucking up your car. Without you having to spend time and energy scraping it off!

And you don’t have to just use it with cars – use it on your home windows or as a screen protector for your camera, phone or mp3 player.

You get two 4x6 sheets for $5.99. Isn’t that so worth you not having to spend a Sunday scraping your windshield?!

Problem: You Have Been Searching for the Perfect Wedding Present But Had No Luck
Solution: Flat Printed Stationery from Cotton IdeaStudio

There is something so classic about custom correspondence.

And Cotton Idea Studio does it so beautifully!

Their Flat Printed Stationery – professional, personalized flat cards with coloured envelopes – is just a wonderful gift to give.

There are a wonderful range of fonts in different colours to choose from with fun names like Benjamin Greer, Chloe Cooper and Parker Jones to name just a few! And they have something to suit every personality – young, old, modern, quaint and retro. You can have so much fun with it!

You could get the couples first names, like Ryan & Sarah in Trent, or one set for each, complete with their return address stamped on the back of the envelope in a matching font!

All are letter pressed on thick cardstock - some are rippled, some flat and some have a scalloped edging that is just so sweet, you might want to order a box for yourself!

You don’t have to just give them as wedding presents, as they make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or hostess gift as well.

And maybe you’ll just want some for yourself.

And that’s okay. You deserve it! You don’t have to be celebrating anything other than being you!

Stephanie Dickison

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